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I wanted to go see SF Pride, and especially the parade, since both electrichobbit and kshandra were in it.  However, instead, I slept.

And slept.  And slept.  I was up several times during the day for an hour or so, mostly shopping for reliable PC-connected remote control (Long story, mostly boring), but sleep was mostly it.  Well, I also got the workbench more-or-less set up, finally, and assembled the workbench chair.  Now if I'd only do some workbench work.

But at least I no longer feel completely exhausted.

There was some fresh house drama.  "She" showed up to "take some stuff", and hung around, which made Mena nervous - she had a BBQ planned, and one of the people involved was Robin.  The two of them don't particularly get along...

Mena tried to get "She" to hurry up and leave, and "She" got, well, pushy.  I got to arbitrate.  "She" was in one of her paranoid states - she'd been missing a block of blank checks in a box in her room, then said it was back, then disappeared again after she removed the box of checks from the room.  She wanted to know who had broken into the room to put the checks back...

She left before the BBQ started, but apparently came back afterward when most everyone had left (And I was at the show), and hung out with Mena's friend Dustin, most likely cranking up in "She"'s old room.  I've told Mena she really needs to drop Dustin.  Obviously I need to start seriously getting "She"'s stuff out of the building, too.

Had dinner at Chevy's with timenchanter.  Stuffed myself silly, probably because I hadn't eaten since the previous evening...

I knew, given Pride, that the show would go one of two ways:  Extremely busy, or extremely dead.  In this particular case, it picked door number 2.  It's been worse, but I went about 8 rotations before we closed down just before 1:00.  It was a lot of fun, but not a lot of business.  I did some more suicide from people's envelopes - for variety, Eddie was suiciding from dancin_whitey's envelope, and Heather was suiciding from Eddie's envelope.  When Sarah and Paul came in, she wanted me to pick masturbation songs and suicide her with them.  That took some brainstorming, especially since my copy of Longview doesn't work.  But we managed.

Otherwise, nothing much.  I need to ask Mena why the fan is disconnected in the downstairs bathroom, and have determined that the Taco Bell Crunchwrap is pretty damn good.  Since I'm up right now, she'll be getting her morning ride to school from me, so I'll have the opportunity, and hopefully somewhere in here I'll send off that resume I keep procrastinating on.

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