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I crawled out of bed just barely in time to get to my dental cleaning.  It's certainly a different way to start the morning - and my main problem was the "morning" part of that.  I got a lot more rest than Thursday, but I was still pretty out of it.

Got out of that, did lunch with timenchanter, then went and did some "me-time" shopping.  Electronics, of course.

Then off to the theater, to see if I could help out.  Mostly, no.  I did manage to point out one thing to jeffercine that he didn't know, but mostly I just tried to stay out from underfoot.  After a couple of hours, I gave up on being helpful, and went out to do some more retail therapy...

I headed back to Mountain View in time to catch dinner with timenchanter and electrichobbit.  We ended up at Kamei, where I tried the teriyaki tofu because of Mark's comments.  Quite good.  Then off to the show...

"No Sleep Till Brooklyn" was awesome.  I've gotta say to anyone who missed it:  Ya fucked up.  Of course the experience was not at all hurt by sitting next to the lovely and scrumptious valeriesparks...

Just for one, unbreak_able's poetry/dance piece was amazing.  I think the poem should have been in the program, though...

Anyway, after the show, we all went off to KoC, except for Valerie, who headed off to her boy (Sigh...).  I'm not sure I've ever seen that many rounds of shots ordered.  I didn't participate beyond the first round, because I was really starting to feel the exhaustion - and I was having a bit of a black period, too.  So I took a few walks around the block - I hate being a downer.

Still, had a fun time with Honey, xtina_satanica, and Jeffrey outside on the bench, and it finally occurred to me I could trance out in a booth for a bit.  That took the edge off, which was kind of vital, because of myself, Mark, and Timmie, I was the only one in any condition to drive.

After closing, I took them off to Denny's in a fairly vain attempt to sober them up.  Not that I should complain - I got nachos out of the deal.  So I dropped Mark off in the NASA complex, and then went back to the bar, exchanged cars, and drove Timmie and Fawkes back down here to my place to Timmie could sleep on a couch, and still drive to see his boy in the morning - which he's hopefully done/doing.

In the meantime, I can sleep some more - and that's what I'm gonna do.

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