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Pushing It

I got Mena to her 8:00am appointment, and then school.  I then rushed off to the theater, because it was going to be 10:00 shortly, and everybody was going to be there at 10:00.

So quite obviously I started the day a little delusional.

I got to the theater at 10:20, said hi to James, and napped in a chair until unbreak_able and misswong77 showed up, a little bit later.  I then proceeded to attempt to be helpful and was, I hope, at least a tad more so than harmful.

At about 2:00 I headed back homeward to pick up Mena from school and sleep for a few hours.  Then rushed off to the show, got there about 7:50 to find that timenchanter had already set pretty much everything up.  This particular night was James' last night bartending, at least for a while, and in celebration, well, remarkably few people showed up.

It was one of the slowest Thursdays I've worked in a long while.  Certainly some good people - and some good times - but sloooow.  Around about midnight, I started to get a little punchy, and I had a series of stupid mistakes starting around 12:30.  Ridiculously stupid stuff, like forgetting to turn off my mic, and not being able to figure out where the feedback was coming from.  Losing skin off a finger in a rush to get back to the booth after getting an extra mic to James (Because the one he was supposed to have was in a deathgrip by Vince, who was just too drunk to realize he hadn't put in a song).  Opening the tray with the playing disc (Twice!).

It didn't help that due to the nature of the night, I ran out of chart, and didn't have room for the 7th rotation, so I had to fake that on top of everything else.

Ah well.  Hopefully it didn't seem too bad from outside the booth.

I've gotten some sleep in my chair, now, and I'll get a little bit more before my morning dental appointment.  I'll be attempting to be helpful at the theater some more this afternoon...

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