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Not. My. Day.

Not the worst of days, either.  Couldn't get myself out of bed for most of the daylight portion, or at least into clothes, but managed to do vital, important things like... find a complete Freakazoid archive.  Riiiight.

Somewhere around 3:30, Mena reported that stormmonkey was actually home, and spending time with Llorona.

I finally emerged around 6ish, and headed off to Kazoo for some quick sushi with timenchanter before the show.  Ran into Cliff, one of the people who used to sing at Creekside, and sat with him at the sushi bar.  Cliff spent his time practicing Japanese.  Interesting character.  A big favorite for the bartenders in the circuit - I don't think he ever buys a damn thing.

The show went reasonably well, though I felt like I couldn't do a thing right all night.  Almost completely screwed up my first song - little things like not noticing the instrumental break was over.  Didn't cross-check a couple of bad slips.  Didn't catch myself pulling the wrong disc.  Etcetera, etcetera, etcetera.

On the other hand, cekyr0 and jeffercine showed up, which is always a positive.  As well as most of the gang, including Valerie sans Apple (He's sick) with some amazingly scrumptious enchiladas.  I didn't get to them until after the show, but there was at least a quarter-container left, and that hit the spot quite nicely.

So I headed home, and rather than stop at a coffeeshop, I just got some cheesecake and a large coke at Jack in the Box.  Gotta remember to never get a large anything at Jack in the Box.  I'd forgotten their smalls were friggin' huge.  The large, well...

Got home.  Llorona was locked in the dog run in the back, whining up a storm.  She can be heard to the end of the block.  Given the amount of mud in the family room and kitchen, I can imagine why.  Rachell was of course not home.  So I'm waiting for a public nuisance citation on top of the other crap.

To top it all off, my computer and firewall weren't thrilled because of the download software I left running (See "Freakazoid" above), and thinking I needed to go downstairs and hard-boot the firewall - and possibly the wireless access point - I knocked over the 55 gallon drum of coke.  At least I had a reason now to do something about all the paperwork I had on the carpet right there...

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