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I woke up yesterday morning around 10:30 when timenchanter called me about Chris' state.  I found I had something like 3 voicemails and 10 text messages - mostly LJ comment notifications.  I slept a bit more, then started going through my messages and dealing with each one.

It took me about 3 hours - mostly because of responses coming in while I was dealing with previous stuff.  It's interesting - LJ was kinda dead there for a week or so, and now everybody's posting.  I guess that's the way the oatmeal lumps...

Got transfer paper and general design (Such as it is) from unbreak_able, did some setup work (Figuring out how to print without the image starting halfway down the page, that sort of thing), showered, and supposedly headed out to pick up Mena from Christina's.  I was running a little late (It was 4:30, I was supposed to pick up Timmie and head to Alameda at 5:00), but mostly OK.  Until Mena called me halfway there, and asked me if I'd remembered the car seat.

Now, we'd talked about 3 times already that day, and she'd left at least one voicemail.  But she'd never mentioned anything about a car seat.  Also, she hadn't mentioned how far away she was - she'd given an indication that getting to class from Christina's would be an easy light rail ride.

I kinda snapped, and told her to get her own way home.  Reasonably nicely, I hope.

Swooped up to Alameda with Timmie, and spent the usual pleasant evening.  No hot tub this time, but good company, as usual.  Well, Sabrina was more than a little cranky, but one learns to deal, and she was put to bed shortly after we got there anyway.

Had a couple more conversations with Mena, who did manage to get herself home.

Did a little VPN experimentation (Getting windows file sharing to work is a little tricky).  Also managed to zone/trance for a bit while the others were watching a movie.  Needed the pseudo-sleep.

Got back to the South Bay, got Timmie to his car, and came home to work on the transfers.  They're all done and drying at this point.  Probably dry, but I'm going to let them sit out all night to be sure.

And now I need to get a few hours' sleep before taking Mena to an appointment at 8:00, then get stuff to the theater 10ish.  Sleep is not going to be one of my main activities this week, I can tell.

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