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Bruce [userpic]
Times Change

On Wednesday, I got a call from Randy at the Cat Club, saying that they were about to sign a contract with BAGG. This is a big thing for the Cat - BAGG is a major show.

It's also a Wednesday show. They like me, but not more than large amounts of money and publicity. But they do like me enough to move me to Tuesdays.

Of course that has its own repercussions. For the club, Motown was on Tuesdays. And for me, well, Nox is on Tuesdays. We're hoping that Sam&Steve will be OK with moving Motown to the back room at the Cat.

And Nox, well, Nox will have to go on without me. It's a very sad thing, because it's has been a major part of my life for some time. It's allowed me to grow quite a bit as a DJ. It's also, sadly, contributed almost nothing to my bottom line.

And my bottom line is small enough as it is.

So now I'm casting about for a new Wednesday gig. I've already emailed my two favorite possibilities.

After a day or so of no response, I'll move on to the second tier.

In the meantime, the benefit this Tuesday will be my last Nox. It's going to be a bit of a bittersweet night.

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