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Bruce [userpic]
A Month's Song Updates

I have actually been adding new music since my last post. I've just been a complete flake about listing it.

So here.

The track count has reached 15,773, and the unique song count is now up to 11,695.

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I am SO sorry I didn't make it to Psycho today. I wanted to like anything, but the alarm went off and I was still feeling miserable.

Also, I C WAT U DID THAR. I will totally still come in some night and sing "Torture." Maybe Opening Weekend.

Sorry to hear that - hope you feel better soon!

It was possibly the most crowded we've been, but it was crowded with some pretty awesome people.

Yay for good turnouts! (I may have to try and get over there tomorrow, or maybe next weekend, and actually *gasp* buy donuts for a change, instead of perpetually singing for my supper. *grin*)

I keep wondering if I'm actually doing anything positive for the store - yeah, they're crowded for a few hours, but the crowd isn't buying much product, and it makes it a slight bit difficult for actual customers to make it inside and to the counter...

On the other hand, I am spreading the brand a little bit further into the local consciousness...

Au Clare De La Lune may be the song in the oldest audio recording.