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Bruce [userpic]
Bitter Queens

OK, I understand that you get drunk and can't keep track of the rotation. That the woman I just called up "sang twice to your once," even though that's because you sang between her songs. If you can remember that.

I also get that you've got a bad case of "so what if the room is full of people, it's been over 20 minutes since my last song."

But ascribing your (non)issue to "Bruce prefers fish" just takes things to a whole new level of wrong.

For the record, I do prefer women. And I'm not into assholes. But I still get your desiccated, bitter old ass up to sing at the same rate as everyone else.

Current Location: The Duplex
Mood: annoyedannoyed

That's a hell of a way to get back in the LJ habit, dear.

See also, "...the fuck?"

If you haven't noticed, all I've had the time for lately have been either announcements or snarky rants.

Seeing as I can't even remember when you last had time to snark here....

...yeah, been a while. (Particularly coming from someone who made a point of daily updates for so long.) Nice to see your font.

I know. I just can't manage the hour a day it used to take. Sucks.