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Bruce [userpic]
Random Note

If you describe yourself as one of the "cool kids," you just announced that you aren't.

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Having found myself persona non grata in several groups where I thought I had established myself well enough to ask for support, and finding out the hard way that I most emphatically was not, I have absolutely no qualms about throwing this particular stone.

The overall message in that statement still stands. Your first act in ANY new group of people should NEVER be to ask for money. THE FIRST TIME MIKI CAME TO A BAYCON MEETING, the first words out of her mouth to the group at large were "I'm accepting donations to keep myself from being homeless." She didn't even preface it with "Hi, I'm a new volunteer, but I'm going through a rough patch in my personal life...." It wasn't even "I'm looking for couch-surfing opportunities in case things get worse than they already are." Just "give me money." pentaclemoon's response was "Wait - who are you?"

You know EXACTLY how bad my own financial situation is right now. I told gridlore this morning that I'm planning to look for a second job - not that I know how I'm going to find one that will actually be able to accommodate the fact that I can't stand up for extended periods of time. I would NEVER have stood up at a BayCon meeting and asked for money, and I consider most of those people good friends. (Of course, the fact that I do consider them good friends means that I know most of them are as broke as I am. Know Thy Audience.)

Bruce, I love you. You are one of my dearest friends. And you are on the WRONG SIDE of this argument.

Kiri, I'm on my side of the argument. I'm not saying she's an angel, and the constant dunning for money is irritating to watch.

But my point still stands. She may be inept in these situations, but the response has been similarly off-base.

Besides, I wasn't limiting it to her.


I don't think I'm in a frame of mind to discuss this further rationally.

(no subject) - (Anonymous)

Darlin', I don't really consider you exclusionary. If anything you generally are more accepting than most of the regulars and do your best to make people feel at home. That doesn't mean that you're always going to get along with, like or appreciate the methods of everyone. It's perfectly okay to have an opinion. Just as it is perfectly okay for others to have an opposite one. Mine, on this subject, has been voiced before and needs not be rehashed.

And while Brucie's comment usually applies, I'm not sure that in this case you were incorrect. At that particular place, you are part of the "regular" crowd and you are a pretty popular member of it. Perhaps you didn't use the best phrase, but that's life.


Now that's an appropriate response!


One has certain skills...

Actually, that occured to me after I made the post and I was planning on going back and editing it, but I haven't gotten around to it yet.
I want to be ashamed of myself for being exclusionary, but I'm just not managing it.