Bruce (kor27) wrote,

Some R&B

I should be in bed by now, but I also should post that I've added SC-8776 to the collection.

This brings the vitally important track count to 15,433, and the rather more telling unique song count to 11,403.

As always, the songs page is up to date, and new update sheets have been printed.

  • Y Mas

    A few more new songs. I believe all of them requests - enjoy! This brings the track count to 23,705, and the unique song count to 17,430.

  • Mas

    Reporting a few more new songs. These are all requests. This brings the track count to 23,679, and the unique song count to 17,405.

  • Another One

    Another dribble of new songs, mixed in with a few more DK repeats. Some good ones in there, though, if you care to look. The total track count is…

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