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Bruce [userpic]
Thoughts While Leaving a Gig

I was driving away from a gig last night, check in my pocket, thinking

"Hey, I could waste all of this on hookers and blow!'

"...Well, hooker and blow..."

"...Well, hooker..."

"OK, a couple of lapdances"

"Screw it. I'll just buy dinner at the Mini."

Current Location: The Duplex
Mood: amusedamused
dinner at the Mini

Did you at least take the hooker with you?

Re: dinner at the Mini

I'm not sure I'd want anything to do with a hooker that would consider going to the Mini...

Re: dinner at the Mini

I shall now sit and contemplate how I feel about that. Hm...

Re: dinner at the Mini

"Meditations on Hookers" would make a fine coffee table book title.

Re: dinner at the Mini

The photo shoots alone might make the endeavor worthwhile.