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Bruce [userpic]
Pet Peeve

The word is "cockroach." It's fairly phonetic (for English). Note it consists of two syllables, and only two syllables.

If you're going to say "cockaroach," go to the perfectly valid cucaracha instead.

I live in California. If your listener doesn't know basic Spanish nouns, that's their lack.

But "cockaroach" is still not a word, unless you're referring to the monstrous offspring of a rooster and a roach.

Note this rant has nothing at all to do with this morning's Psycho Donuts gig. Apart from myself, they're completely vermin-free.

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Mood: annoyedpetty

I guess I'm confused by this post. Why does the word bother you so much?

There's a reason the post is titled "Pet Peeve."

Don't you ever have a minor irritation that just happens to push your buttons?

I know it's completely unimportant, but every time I hear that pronunciation, it's like nails on a chalkboard...

La cucaracha, la cucaracha...
That is now stuck in my head and it's all your fault! You are a bad man!

Maybe they're talking about a joint with particularly foul weed...?