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Bruce [userpic]

Thought I'd let people know about a couple of things I'm doing this weekend.

First off, tonight I'll be filling in for DJ Purple at the bar at Mariners Point in Foster City, from 9pm to close. I've talked about this place before - it's a nice little bar, with a very friendly crowd. The gates to the golf course close at 9pm, so getting to the bar involves the complicated task of driving through the exit gate, following around to the end of the parking lot, then walking around the left side of the main building until you hear the music.

It's always amazing to me how busy the place is, given you have to know it's there.

Tomorrow I'll again be at Psycho Donuts, from 10am to 1pm, for their one year anniversary party. And it looks like it'll be quite a party.

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Mood: cheerfulcheerful

Damn, I need at least one of those psycho donuts.

You get a free one if you sing a song...

And now it occurs to me that if I advertise this event on Facebook, I can justify my recent run of donut-themed status updates (and/or be seen as a sell-out).

Selling your soul for a donut?

Of course, they are good donuts...

Both are valid points. I should probably try one of the donuts before making any irrevocable decisions.

I personally recommend the key lime, but then, I'm rather fond of citrus flavors...