Bruce (kor27) wrote,

Time Flies

...when you're running around frantically. My last major post was on January 25th, so it's been nearly a month.

I'm not even sure how much of it I remember, honestly.

Club Nostalgia (the Tuesday Goth club at KoC) has been going reasonably well. Well, sales have largely been dropping steadily since the first one, but the Steampunk event actually drew a reasonable number of people.

But, honestly, given that most of our advertising has been word of mouth, it's been doing extremely well.

I've spent a lot of time (and, of course, money) gathering music for the purpose. Not sure I'll ever make the money back, but (1) it's a lot of fun, and (2) I get to practice being a DJ under real pressure. It's even remotely possible that I'm getting better at it.

I did another noon-time thing for SF State on January 29th, which was almost completely unattended. People started coming up and asking to sing after I'd started shutting down. Carolyn (the girl who hired me) said something like "I should've put up posters this time too, huh?".

Ummm, yeah.

She's thinking about having me back some evening.

About a week and a half was spent trying to prepare for Nick&Mollie's wedding at the Testarossa winery in Los Gatos. That was back on the 13th - the Weekend of No Sleep.

I was DJing the whole thing, which involved trying to find quite an array of songs. Honestly, much more than could be fit into the evening - but part of the whole DJ thing is having a sufficient palette from which to work.

Yeah, that sounds pretentious enough.

It was my most ambitious setup ever, involving music in quick succession in three different areas - fortunately connected areas. The music for the wedding was done from my laptop through a single speaker. And I fucked it up. The bridal march didn't get played, because I couldn't get my laptop to react. She actually ended up marching to the altar to the sound of the room singing "Da da da-da, da da da-daaaa".

Now, mostly I screwed up, but I've also decided that I just can't trust Ubuntu to do anything real-time - especially music. I didn't use the program I normally would have, because it couldn't play music normally, because there's a serious bug in the sound drivers that apparently hasn't been fixed for at least two years.

So I'm now in the market for a netbook that runs XP, and therefore will have the bugs I'm used to, and can work around.

At least when I got started the dance segment of the evening, things went considerably better. In fact, they seemed pretty happy with me. Which I can live with.

That particular weekend, well, I was up all night Friday doing last-minute prep for the wedding. Then the wedding itself. Then a few hours of sleep, and up to prep for Valentine's Day at Psycho Donuts (which was packed - I believe I heard Jordan say it was their best day so far). Then another couple of hours of sleep, and Valentine's at KoC.

Then I slept all of Monday. Wheee!

Well, at least until the show...

The karaoke shows at KoC have been going, well, kind of erratically, actually. Completely dead nights, then crazy ones, then more dead ones. A couple of weeks have been very good to me, as opposed to Paula, because while total weekly income was about normal, Thursdays were the slow nights - and those are the nights she pays me a fixed amount.

Wednesdays, by contrast, have just been slow. The French girls are apparently getting a serious course load this quarter, and can't afford to go out. And then they'll be gone in April...

We're picking up some new people, but it's a slow process.

Though, on the exciting side, Adrian came in on the 10th (squee!), sang a few songs, hung out, and talked about me possibly doing mashup karaoke at Bootie.

Which would be awesome, except I'd have to get off my ass and do more tracks for it. Which brings me back to the netbook idea - my creation software runs on Windows only. Not to mention only functioning properly when the sound works (which kinda takes out Wine as a possibility). My main rig does a great job, but these days it either lives at KoC, or in my car.

Something I can use in a restaurant while wearing dorky earphones would be perfect...

As far as I remember, my social life has consisted of
  • Going to dinner once with onyx101.

  • Taking timenchanter out to the Sushi Factory for his birthday on Friday.

  • Going to lunch and hanging out with raven2000 on Saturday. We wandered around the boardwalk and pier in Santa Cruz. Yep, essentially a walk on the beach.
I could be missing something, but I don't think so.

Wandering back to the subject of KoC, last night was Timmie's official birthday party. And, not completely coincidentally, the single most profitable night he's seen since becoming a bartender there. It certainly was the most money I've made off the bar in a single night.

It was packed. I had 43 singers over the length of the night, most of them in the first rotation. Much dancing, quite a bit of it shirtless. Hell, for about fifteen minutes, I had about 6 people dancing in my booth with their tops off.

Somewhere, there are pictures from the night. Timmie wore his white quincañera dress, at least until he had to revert in order to help Pedro bartend. electrichobbit wore just about the sluttiest short dress I've ever seen. After supersniffles said she'd come in the black beaded dress I wore two Halloweens ago, I decided to wear my mauve bridesmaid's thing. It took a while before I had time to put it on (thank goodness for "Paradise by the Dashboard Light"), but it certainly got... comments.

On top of all that, April came in! They're upgrading her Denny's this weekend, so she had the night free. Oddly enough, she didn't run away screaming.

In fact, she joined Timmie, Max, foxypinkninja, kizmet100, and me at IHOP, where we got to show her what a standard late-night waitress is like.

There are a few other things - I've gotten a bit addicted to Rasputin's 50¢ bin, and learned to avoid Amoeba and Streetlight (waaay too pricey). I have a ton of CDs to incorporate, which would have happened this weekend, if I hadn't spent the time transferring my data to a couple of larger discs - discs that will fit all the music I need to incorporate. Not to mention my growing library of movies for Tuesday nights.

I have a ton of hardware work to do on the rig, plus the IRS is getting increasingly strident about the 2008 taxes. I'm debating taking most of the money in my bank account out before they impound it.

Or, well, y'know, doing the taxes. But that's just crazy talk.

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