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Moon Phase

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Bruce [userpic]
That's What It's All About

I've acquired a few songs here and there in the last week or so, and finally got around to putting them in the database. So here they are.

For those who care (me), the track count is now 15,227, and the unique song count is 11,266.

The songs page is, of course, up to date, and I've already printed (and used) the latest update sheets.

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(no subject) - (Anonymous)

I love you too, dear. You infuriate, disturb, and occasionally frighten me, but I love you.

Which I guess makes us somewhat even...


and i was wondering what you meant by "unique song count". okay, the unique part is kind of obvious. ;D

also: I MISS YOU, can i see you wednesday afternoon/early eve?

happy V-day, dear.