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I slept almost all day, off and on.

Stuart got me some info on a potential job at Varian that I need to get myself to follow up on.  Bleh.  Job.

Dragged myself into clothes and consciousness at about 10:00pm, and headed out to Vibe.  Good show - especially since valeriesparks was spinning.

Hung out a bit with timenchanter, electrichobbit, James, unbreak_able, Eddie, chargerboy, and more - but just a bit each.  I was still particularly low energy.

In fact, 'round about midnight, I started feeling tired, of all things.  By 1:00, I was telling everyone goodbye, when Debbie mentioned going out for food.  So I hung around and talked to her and Eddie outside for 20 minutes, then we all took off to the Lawrence Denny's.

Met up with Sarah, Paul, and Marco.  It had apparently just been Sarah and Marco's 10 year high school reunion.

Had a great time with Debbie and Eddie - as usual.  Eddie and I tag-teamed telling insect gross-out stories as Debbie fought to keep her food down.  Much fun.

Came back home, then passed out at the computer. 

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