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Bruce [userpic]
In Which I Actually Go Out and Do Something

I was on my way up to the City on Wednesday evening, when I got a text message from Rachel, telling me that they were going to have a luau-themed party for Zeb's going away.

Not that I knew who Zeb was, but OK.

Turns out I did know who Zeb was, it's just that she was one of the BAGG crowd that I'd run into now and then. She's rather difficult to describe (except for "short"), but when she was leaving at the end of the night, she asked me (for whatever reason) to describe her, so I told her she was extremely sweet, but very annoying. That actually made her pause for a bit, but then she turned and marched out the door, yelling "Those are only two of my attributes!"

So anyway, we had a reasonably large crowd, even without any of the Europeans (the new quarter must be murder). According to Rachel, many of them were bitching about having to listen to karaoke, but whatever. A few of those ended up singing (like Marissa). Otherwise, it was mostly regulars, except for Whitney, a very good singer that I gather lives nearby and just wandered in.

By the end of the night, I'd had 31 singers, but there was a fair amount of come and go. The longest rotation was 20.

I managed to avoid getting drunk this time, and so left at the more reasonable hour of 4:00am.

Thursday the 21st was a pleasant, low-key evening at the bar. Not particularly busy (we had 24 singers in 6 rotations), but a fair number of cool people. Jill W brought her friend Erik (who apparently used to go to Creekside), and of the regulars, we also had megnc86, qzar_mystik, James, Cheri, trivialt, Matt H, supersniffles (I'm still not adapted to her earlier schedule), Kellen, James G, moahb, and Honey.

There was also a nice little CSZ crowd (Jimmy, Cole, Marisa, Jeromy, Laura, Kelsey, Cassie, and Ben, just to name the singers). Seth sent me a few text messages, asking me to send his and misswong77's love. Which I did, of course.

They had a lot of fun with my selection of musicals.

There was also Rosendo G and his date(?) Keith. It was Rosendo's 21st birthday, and he sang a song.

Afterwards, timenchanter, Adrian, and I hung out at Denny's for quite some time. I didn't get home and to sleep until around 7:30am, which was probably unwise, given the next two days.

Friday the 22nd was spent on the freeway. I was supposed to meet stormmonkey and Novim around 2:00pm at the Rockefeller Lodge in frikkin' San Pablo. It took me until 3:00pm to get there. The others got there about 20 minutes later.

It was productive - I now know how I want to set up - but then I got to head back down the whole of the east bay at 4:30pm. That took about 3 hours.

Then I grabbed a speaker, stopped in at Psycho Donuts to set that up, and then headed up the hill to the Dome. The idea was that I'd spend some time with the 'rents, and then go pick up raven2000, who could fit in the car, since the speaker was already set up.

She, of course, then called to cancel.

Ah well. I surprised the 'rents, who were apparently expecting me on Saturday. But no matter - we had a very nice visit, and I did some (hopefully) useful layout work for my dad.

And then home, and some sleep, before getting up at 7:00am (in contrast to Friday morning) to go and set up at Psycho Donuts for another cute little show. In terms of advertising, this was probably the weakest day I've played there - a bunch of people came and went, but very very few sang. Employees, definitely (Web and Dylan, with a little bit of Jordan thrown in), and Paul&Monika's (Batman & Catwoman from Halloween) group. But otherwise, just a couple of parents.

But hey, it was fun. And Valentine's Day will likely be a lot busier.

Then I went home and napped, before heading up to beautiful, scenic Newark for the last showing of Stage 1 Theatre's Dirty Rotten Scoundrels. A lot of fun that would have been more so if I'd found someone to go with.

After all, my initial idea had canceled...

But at least I went and did something that wasn't my providing the entertainment.

I hung out for a bit with Sundee, Natalie, and Kevin, and then headed off to the Cheesecake Factory. I wasn't particularly hungry, but I was feeling a bit lonely. And there were people and light there, not to mention food, which is always my friend.

And then home.

The day during Sunday was spent alternating sleep and work. It was the last day I'd have the rig at home before Tuesday, so I incorporated some more music, found a few more movies, and grabbed a few karaoke tracks for good measure.

Oddly, I got to the bar a half hour late. But then, so did Timmie.

After the last few weeks, it felt like a really slow night. 14 individual singers, and 11 rotations. The bar didn't do great, but it did OK. Jill W and Erik were there again, this time with Angie, and their friend Andrea. We also had Kathy and David J, who dragged in Kathy's son's soon to be in-laws. I don't know the father's name, but his girlfriend's name is Joanne - she was dragooned into singing a couple of songs.

Otherwise, supersniffles, Honey, James G, and James W (who's off to San Diego this Tuesday), as well as trivialt and the boy he brought in: Jesus. I never figured out quite how I should be pronouncing his name. Interesting kid - most people don't freestyle to Mariah Carey songs...

A pleasant time chez April with Cindi, and then home.

And that's about it.

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She of course cancelled? Dramatic irony or habit?

Bit o'both. The day was, on the whole, one long clusterfuck of weird delays, and having one of those turn out to be useless was just icing.

On the other hand, while I love the girl to death (hopefully not literally, though in her case...), she's about as reliable as a toothpick in a hurricane. She'll happily make long-term plans, but actual follow-through depends on whether she's in the same mode as she was when she made the plans.

And she has a whole buncha modes, many of which conflict with each other.

Let us not forget, the toothpick survives the hurricane :P

Ooooh yes.

His name is Graham.

(no subject) - (Anonymous)
Re: You know what I really like about you?

Well, I'm truly glad you like me so much.

And I do, in fact, frequently make plans only a couple of days out - and sometimes only on the day itself.

And this particular one was made here, hardly more than a month in advance!

Of course, when we agreed on that plan, my first thought was, quite honestly: "This is too far in advance. Ya can't really expect to do things with her if you plan more than about 2 days out."

I would, by the way, have said something about you being sick, if it weren't for the fact that the last time I intimated that you weren't feeling 100% wonderful, you came down on me like a ton of bricks for "invading your privacy."

Otherwise, when it's the third time in a row that you turn down doing something with me, I start to feel - rightly or wrongly - that there's a trend going. Having gone through a couple of years of "Let's go do something! Like over there! Oh look! My boyfriend just happens to be there! Well, bye!", I still have a few trust issues going.

Especially when you're going on about getting to FurCon a day and a half later.

I care for - and about - you very deeply. And I'm very sorry you're still sick. But fully trusting you is something that'll take a long, long time to rebuild.

(no subject) - (Anonymous)
Re: Something smells rotten in Denver and it's NOT on my end.

You're reading quite a bit into this, aren't ya?

Even in my response to Al's question, I said it was mostly a matter of dramatic effect, then went on to say that, well, one does never know with you.

Because one doesn't. Sorry, but it's true.

And no, I wasn't mad that you were too sick to go to FC. Having you say that you were too sick, then turn right around and talk about going to FC sounded a lot like you were initially feeding me a pile of bull about being sick.

Not that you tend to do that, but, as I said, I have some trust issues.

And no, you don't owe me trust. You don't owe me much of anything. At least, not anything that I'm going to try to collect.

I'm curious how this turns into me trying to control you.

(no subject) - (Anonymous)
Re: Something smells rotten in Denver and it's NOT on my end.

Sorry I haven't gotten back to this earlier - a life to live, and all that.

Yeah, for some reason I thought the commenter had been rackstraw, not evilgrins. The type of question and phrasing were rather similar to Al's. Oops.

It looks like you're having a hard time dealing with the whole "People don't really know other people's motives" thing. Yes, you told me you were too sick to go. And I know that generally, you don't lie. But I also know that you'll exaggerate a situation if you now have different priorities, and there wasn't a big, pulsing, reliable sign anywhere that says "she still wants to go to the show."

Not that there was any requirement that you had to. The worst that can be said on my side was that I was looking forward to a good time, and got a bit disappointed.

As far as contagion's concerned, Timmie's been curled up, moaning and coughing, for the last week or so, so I've likely been exposed anyway. Of course, he's still working when he has to, 'cause, well, that's what ya do.

BTW, you do know that the usual expression is "There's something rotten in Denmark," yes?

(no subject) - (Anonymous)
Re: Something stinks to high hell in Colorado as well and it ain't me.

Ya know, if you'd just asked me to get you Nyquil, I would have been over there within, at worst, a day.

At no point in our various communications did you give me the slightest hint that you wanted or needed anything.

And while Timmie's been, well, the sickest I've seen him in years, I have no idea how you two compare on the misery scale. Granted, he doesn't have to work in the rain...

(no subject) - (Anonymous)
Re: I'm curious how this turns into me trying to control you.

Where did the "whore" thing come into this? The worst I did, in both the initial three words ("and, of course") and in the follow-on explanation, was say that you weren't particularly reliable.

And I love you deeply, but you're not particularly reliable. Ask anyone who's known you for over a year.

As far as self-confidence goes, I actually have a great deal more than when I met you. Back then, I figured the only reason anyone would spend time with me was my money. I now have a much better self-image, which is good, because I have considerably less money.

At the same time, I'm touchy when it comes to situations with you, particularly, because I've gone through too many "She'd never do that to me" - "Oh look, she just did" situations. Past behavior is always the best predictor of future behavior, so getting beyond that will require getting through quite a bit more of the positive stuff.

Not, of course, that you have to do that. I'm just not going to seriously consider a relationship with anyone unless and until I feel I can trust them.

(no subject) - (Anonymous)
Re: I'm curious how this turns into me trying to control you.


Yes, you were sick, dear. And I'm sure the decision to stay home was the right one.

The point I've been trying to make with you has nothing to do with the truth of you being sick or not - it's the fact that when you tell me these things, a part of my brain immediately starts weighing whether to believe you or not.

At this point - actually, as of a few days after I made the post, here - I came to the conclusion that you were telling the truth.

Not that you (normally) just lie, but if you decide that you don't want to do something, and have, say, a slight tickle in your throat, you're quite capable of pulling a "Sorry, feeling sick."

My point about trust issues is that it will take a long, long time before I stop analyzing what you say and do, rather than just accepting what you tell me at face value.

And my disappointment on Saturday wasn't an "employer" one, so much as that I missed your company.