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Bruce [userpic]
Free to Good Home

So, as I've kinda mentioned, I have a new printer. Which kinda implies I have an old printer. A Brother HL-1650 (I'd post a prettier page, but it's been EOLed).

Right at the moment, what it prints is kind of crappy, but that's almost certainly the result of a bad refilled toner cartridge (the print results went from "fine" to "WTF" when I changed cartridges), so getting it to work properly would require getting a new cartridge, and likely better yet, also a new drum unit. And no, the cartridge I'm having trouble with did not come from LD Products. I've had very good luck with them so far.

One of the great things about the Brothers is that the drum is separate from the toner cartridge, and despite their "replace every three cartridges" bit, seems to last near forever. I think I've gone through three in the 5 to 6 years I've owned this printer, and I've had to reprint all of my books about every 3 months on average.

As a result, the cartridge is that much cheaper, as long as you don't buy at a retail shop.

Now, the printer front panel complains that a couple of internal units should be replaced, but it's been saying that for a couple of years with no issues. From what I've read, it just does that after a certain number of pages have been printed.

The printer itself is reasonably compact, if not tiny. It incorporates a duplex unit for all your double-sided needs, prints in any color you want (as long as it's black), and has both a 250 sheet paper tray and a fold-out manual tray.

It has both a parallel connection, and one of them new-fangled USB thingies.

Take my printer. Please.

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(no subject) - (Anonymous)

Not so much work as time, and about $35 for a new cartridge w/shipping.

(no subject) - (Anonymous)

For some reason, LJ never sent me notification for this comment.

Anyway, I'll bring up the printer and a ream of paper when I see you Saturday, at the latest.

(no subject) - (Anonymous)

Well, it was supposed to be last Saturday, but I completely forgot.

I have the flake.