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Bruce [userpic]

So, the idea yesterday was relatively simple. raven2000 hasn't been to a karaoke show in ages, and I had one that wasn't at a bar. The only difficulty was that I needed to bring my full set of equipment to the UCSC show, but I arranged with Seth that I'd drop the speakers off, go back and get her, then pick the speakers up again the next day.

Then I decided to install my new printer. That felt like it went rapidly, but apparently not - I jumped in the shower as soon as I was done, and wasn't ready to go until a little after 5:00pm.

Given that I needed to start setting up at 6:00pm, and that UCSC is an hour drive from my place without traffic, I'd, well, royally screwed things up.

I sent apologies Raven's way, then swam my way through traffic, arriving at the college at just about 6:30pm. Fortunately, Seth had a crew there, so unloading was extra rapid, and I was able to delegate a few things.

Actually, a few of them delegated themselves whether I liked it or not.

With all that, I was ready to go only 15 minutes late - and had no song requests. A reasonable number of students, but they were all hanging back.

So I played videos that messed with their childhood memories until they were forced to sing in self-protection.

And then we were off. It didn't feel quite as busy as the last time, but we still had a mostly full room all night, with a bit of turnover. I ran for four rotations, which ended up being about half an hour over. So they got their 3 full hours of karaoke proper.

I also had help for shutdown, most of which wasn't too destructive, and got headed back over the hill at around 11:25pm or so.

At 12:10am, I walked in the Valley Fair Cheesecake Factory, and ordered dinner just a little bit before the kitchen closed. I actually didn't have a huge desire to eat there, but I did have a huge desire to not eat at my usual array of 24 hour diners.

One "cup" of soup and a salad later, I rolled out of there, and headed home, where I fell asleep fairly rapidly - and then, for some reason, woke back up again at 8:00am.

I've gotten a couple of things done, mostly book printing. I've now got replacements for the 8/21 books, which was the vital thing. The next will be to try to enter my present backlog of new songs, which is a bit daunting, then print some more books that include those.

But right now, I'm going back to sleep. The early day is finally catching back up with me.

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