Bruce (kor27) wrote,

Stumblin' Along

I have no idea why I'm awake. I've had maybe six and a half hours of sleep, which I suppose isn't so bad, and I'm kinda afraid that if I lay down for a nap, I'll just pass out for the rest of the day, which isn't good.

Recent recap...

Tuesday evening, I again took the toboggan ride over the mountains to Boulder Creek, acquired a raven2000, and brought her back here so she could make an early morning appointment near my house the next day.

After the appointment Wednesday, we did quite a bit of shopping, and dragged the spoils back over the mountain. She's pretty well stocked, now.

Then I came back home, napped for a bit, picked up tankgirl, and started the trek up to the Cat Club.

A much more normal night. 29 singers, and 8 rotations - and those 8 rotations only because the first 4 were 2, 3, 3, and 5 people apiece. Fortunately one of the group of 5 was Evan, who actually got there early enough to sing 4 songs over the length of the evening.

He normally arrives late, sings a song, and then disappears because the rotation is too long. I always feel bad.

Apart from myself and Angela, the other early birds were jannypanlj and Trista. I also managed to get Rachel to sing with me in there - in fact she sang with several people as the night went on. She actually bugged me a few times to think of a song for her, but I honestly didn't have much time to devote to it, which is kinda sad. I came up with one, which she shot down - not harshly, but shot down.

Jules showed up, which I'm not totally sure has happened before at the Cat. I dumped Poison Arrow on him while he was still vacillating about what to sing.

And Oni, and John, and a medium-sized French contingent, many of whom, though, didn't sing. I think because they were too busy making out (lookin' at you, Maëlys...). I got a concerned talk from Rachel at one point, but, ya know, of the 29 singing slots for the night, 6 were the foreign students. Anyone who wants to complain can bite me.

Speaking of which, Amy and her friend Charlotte spent most of the night hanging out with the kids. Possibly as a "if you can't beat 'em, join 'em" sorta thing. Possibly because they're really nice and a lot of fun...

Though I hafta say, I can feel some of the pain. My tips for the night were downright embarrassing. If they'd been at a normal level, it would have been quite a good night. As it was, it was more "not unprofitable."

It was the first time I'd seen Rachel's boy Sam in quite a while, and we also had a new girl, Katrina, who both sang quite well, and eventually got drunk enough that she had trouble relinquishing the microphone. She was cute, so as things wound down, Patrick supported her getting a few more songs.

Angela discovered Pain, or vice-versa (trouble calls to like?), and ended up spending part of the night with him next door at Onyx. She showed back up later with this astoundingly beautiful woman. Who then got pissy and left. Ah well.

Shutdown was slow, 'cause I was out of it, and then we careened back down the freeway. Fortunately, Angela decided to go to her boyfriend's place, which is just a couple of miles away from mine, so I had less likelihood of passing out during the drive and killing us both.

And then home, and oblivion, just as the sun was rising. I think I went unconscious just before the window guys got here, with a general feeling of "fuck that." They had two other interiors and the exterior to work on - in fact they did a lot of work on the outside of my window, which I sorta noticed as I drifted in and out. If I'm tired, hammering and sawing two feet from my head isn't going to have that much effect.

It would be nice to have an interior sill, though...

I got up pretty much just in time to get ready for the Thursday show, in fact got there late, though again not as late as the customers. 'Twasn't too bad, anyway - I got going at 8:45pm. It turned fairly rapidly into a reasonably busy night, with 26 singers and 6 rotations. The bar didn't quite make target, but got close. And I got to schmooze with megnc86, supersniffles, and Rebecca.

And moahb, cybrenn, tychobrahe, rackstraw, and trivialt.

Adonis, Michael, Leo, and June came in (it's difficult calling them the "Alex group" when Alex hardly makes it anymore. Besides, Bill and Richard weren't there either). Wayne came in dressed rather like Freddy Krueger, but left early. James sang all night (surprise), Caeylin and Dee eventually showed up, we had some party or other (Mark, Nicolle, Todd, and "B+J"), and Jillian & Adrian graced us with their presence for the end of the evening.

The Denny's group was timenchanter, Cindi, Rebecca, and I. Much fun was had.

And I may have something non-karaoke-related to do on Tuesdays in the near future. We'll have to see how that proceeds.

I again got to bed at around 5:30am, and woke up around noon, just in time to see the window guys drive off. I have not the slightest memory of them doing a damn thing, but then, I was plenty tired.

Right now, I need to pull myself together for this evening's show at UCSC...

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