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Bruce [userpic]
Around and Around

It's either post, or go back to entering songs, and the pack of 92 songs I bought is not only large, but somewhat lacking in artist identification, so it's going to be a lot of work.

Hence, posting.

Saturday afternoon I got a little more napping in, then discovered that not only were they not going to get to our side of the Duplex, but they'd probably still be wrestling with one of the landlord's windows all day, well, today. Which is what's happened - they've been pounding, sawing, and generally making noise next door, with no indication of working on anything but that single window. Apparently our building's construction is... entertaining.

I hadn't had much sleep, but I was also pretty annoyed, which can sustain me pretty well. So I cleaned up, headed over the mountain, and went to Ciao Bella Act II with raven2000. The decor isn't as wild, but still pretty fun. The acts were adorably kitschy as always, and the entrée was incredible - a stuffed pork loin that was truly heavenly.

It actually kind of added to the experience that a tree had fallen on the power lines, so everything was being run off a generator, which occasionally sputtered out.

Then we got our stuff together, and headed back over the hill to a play party that Dev insisted I should go to. He's been trying to get me to go to one of these for over a year, now.

Apart from little gatherings around the HoD, this is the first one I've been to. In true Bruce fashion, my main activity for the night was giving an extensive back massage to a gorgeous naked girl. Otherwise, I sipped Hennessy and talked with Raven - while enjoying the passing scenery.

I also made myself useful by jumping Dev's car. Turns out having two sets of jumper cables can be useful, when the vehicle is too heavy to move and inaccessible from either side.

This was way up the peninsula, so the trip back - at about 5:00am - was kinda wild. Fortunately, most of it was on the 280, so I could afford a bit of wavering side to side. Not awake at all was I.

I ended up sleeping alone for the night in a fairly sumptuous bed at Dev's, and when I woke up the next day, made my way home almost immediately. For some reason, certain parts of my anatomy were causing a fair amount of pain, and needed... well, anyway.

Slept some more of Sunday afternoon, scanned a few discs, and got to the bar an hour late.

Which mattered not at all. I got set up in just over half an hour, but still had to wait for the first customers to trickle in. It was a very slow night.

I kind of expected it to be. Between people being elsewhere for the weekend, people reeling from the expense of Black Friday, and people anticipating the expense of the 1st, neither timenchanter nor I really thought there would be much of a crowd.

And we were right.

There were a total of 9 singers last night, and 12 rotations between 9:00pm and 1:40am. jasonmagick showed up for a few hours with a couple of friends, Michael and Cheryl. James got there on the second round. supersniffles and lucydogstringer showed up on the fourth. Steven was expecting Gia, who never showed.

And then Caeylin put in a song on the 6th rotation. And that was our roster for the night.

By contrast to the marathons at the Mardi Gras, last night, I went and lost my voice. I did more or less OK until the last round, when I tried to do Babylon for some unholy reason.

It's still a little off - tonight may be interesting.

Since the filing was trivial, shutdown went even more rapidly than usual, and Cindi, Timmie, and I met up at April's for supper. And then home, where I fell asleep pretty rapidly.

The main activity today, apart from napping, has been entering songs in the database. I'd also be doing laundry, but someone beat me to it.

I was hoping to hear that the new printer had shipped, but so far, nada. Apparently I paid for overnight shipping after they, y'know, get around to it.

Had an odd karaoke nightmare this afternoon - I was doing a show on a tour bus through what appeared to be San Francisco, got off the bus for some reason, and then couldn't catch up with it...

And I believe I know what I need to do about the database and collation. When it was bands like Queensrÿche, just finding something that considered y and ÿ the same was enough. But now I need to deal with Ke$ha, which needs to sort as Kesha. So I'm just going to make three "shadow fields" for the song title, artist, and show. Most of the time they'll be NULL, but when not, they'll be used for sorting instead of the main field.

All I need to do is add the fields, fill them in, and change over all my code. Yay.

Current Location: The Duplex
Mood: cheerfulcheerful
(no subject) - (Anonymous)
Re: Sorry to poop on the party, but...

And how is that pooping on the party? I didn't bring the subject up with you that night or the next day, for the specific reason that I didn't want to pressure you.

But if you were curious why I was rather insistent on taking off right then, now ya know. I didn't bring it up at the time for, again, the reason that I didn't want to give the impression I was pressuring you in any way.

Hell, the reason I was disappointed you didn't sleep with me that night was that I wanted to cuddle - I rather enjoy that, if you've noticed.

Glad you slept well. :-)

(no subject) - (Anonymous)
Re: Sorry to poop on the party, but...

Depending on how many I end up going to, I might have sex during the party. The thing is, there are two factors which are actually quite different.

I enjoy sex quite a bit, but a large part of what I enjoy is a feeling of connection with the person I'm with. That feeling is rather diluted when I don't know the person in question, and there're 5 other guys involved at the same time.

Then there's the physical need, which is preferably dealt with by sex, but which I can handle perfectly well on my own - I just generally don't do it with witnesses.

In this particular case, I had some issues getting that comfortable during the party, but then the next day started running into the physical discomfort side of things.

(no subject) - (Anonymous)
Re: Sorry to poop on the party, but...

Hookers?!? But what about the blow?

(no subject) - (Anonymous)
Re: Sorry to poop on the party, but...


Motel 6. That's a position I don't know. Sex with a discount hooker while leaving the light on?

(no subject) - (Anonymous)
Re: Sorry to poop on the party, but...

Oh baby.

Gives me chills just thinking about it.

(no subject) - (Anonymous)
Re: Sorry to poop on the party, but...

Hey, icing the prostate might work, at that. Not that the thought of a frozen buttplug is exactly appealing, mind you, but I'm sure there's someone out there that really likes it...

(no subject) - (Anonymous)
Re: Sorry to poop on the party, but...

Nah, rigor mortis just isn't my thing.

They just lie there...

(no subject) - (Anonymous)
Re: For a healthy prostate....

You seem rather obsessed with me neither having sex nor masturbating.

Why is that?

I mean, I believe I've brought this subject up twice in the 10 years or so we've known each other, and the second time I didn't even bring it up with you, per se.

Yet it seems to have hit quite a nerve...