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May 2019
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Bruce [userpic]

So I said something about not downloading any more songs for a while. Well, it's technically been a while, so now we have these.

And also JTG-070. Of course, all but 3 of the songs on JTG-070 are repeats, but one of those was a request, and it's the only place I've been able to find it, so, y'know, what the hell.

This all brings the track count to 14,989, and the unique song count to 11,114.

The songs page is up to date, and I'm about to send off the new update sheet to get printed.

Then I need to get going on the other 5 discs. It would be nice to finish them before the next load shows up...

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Sweet! I'll have to note that whenever you say "I can't get that," to append a silent "yet..." on the end. ;)

Of course. The first request I ever received at KoC was for some Sisters of Mercy.

I just managed to do that. No idea who asked, and I'm sure they're long gone, but it seemed like a good idea anyway...

And fortunately, the British are busily making all sorts of obscure tracks, so ya never know.