Bruce (kor27) wrote,

Two Weeks Fly By...

Between work and social activities, there just hasn't been a huge amount of time for posting - not that it helps that as the days go by, the backlog that I need to post about builds up.

But right now, I'm waiting on Jesus. He's outside nailing things together as I type. So, since I can't really afford to go to bed until he's at least somewhat finished (we're having new windows installed, and I'm not into sleeping while the mass of glass above my head is being removed and replaced), I might as well take this time to blather on about my oh-so-exciting life.

The Sunday show on the 15th was, well, an average-ish Sunday show. 19 singers, and 8 rotations. A fairly lively evening, as I remember, with megnc86, a very early supersniffles, quite a bit of kizmet100, and a group (Leslie, Bambi, and Ling-Ling) that was reasonably rambunctious. Also Adrian and Hely, who always arrive late, but are pretty high energy.

Bar income wasn't all that, but hey.

Monday the 16th, during the day, involved yet another run to Boulder Creek, to get some "vital supplies" to John and raven2000, then back to the bar for a fairly busy evening - one which brought the weekend bar total to within 4% of target. 27 singers, and 6 rotations. There was the triumphant return of Kellen, who brought along Keni and Stacey, as well as Gia and lucydogstringer, genuine_snark, yet more megnc86, quite a bit of Sean (of the Dev/Raven crowd), and quite a few others, many of which I can't read because my handwriting is that bad.

Tuesday the 17th was spent running around doing prep for the New Jersey's show, which as I've mentioned before, was canceled without telling me. I'm supposedly doing another one this coming Tuesday, the 1st.

Since I had free time, I did some shopping, had a leisurely dinner at Hobee's (very leisurely. They had to kick me out because it was half an hour past closing), and then came home and fiddled around.

'Round about 2:20am, chargerboy told me that he and timenchanter were heading over to the Mini, so I roused myself and went on over to join them. Much fun - I hadn't hung out with Gabe for ages. On the downside, neither Timmie nor I reacted well to the food. I had acid reflux from hell well into the morning. He simply threw up.

So most of the day during the 18th was spent trying to catch up on sleep, and then running up the peninsula for the Cat Club show. A very, very fun night. The French contingent was out in force at one end of the room, and the contingent was being very entertaining at the other end of the room. They have an intriguing concept of tips...

We had Scot Free back for the evening. He was, in fact, upset with me (mostly over the French girls), and has found a new place to go. I also got a drunk and rambling lecture from Amy about them. Mostly that she'd only had one song since 10:00pm (it was around 11:30pm). No shit, Sherlock - she came in late, and at that point the rotation was nearly two hours long, only about a third of it the exchange students.

Sigh. I do understand the frustration. They mostly sing together, and work my system - not that Amy doesn't. And they put most of their songs in in a large clump, which means they get entered in, well, a large clump. And Rachel doesn't like them because they don't tip (I'm a little miffed about that myself, and would be more if they weren't, y'know, students). But they do buy drinks, and add a huge amount of life to the evening. In fact, mostly, the issue is that we've been getting more singers, including them, and the rotation's simply getting longer. They're just an easy target for people's anger.

I mean, nobody likes the French.

Maria came in for the second time, which was cool. Much more cool was that Amity came in and spent several hours. I hadn't seen her since Julie's.

I did my usual stagger down the peninsula and pass out thing. With, of course, a stop off at April's.

Thursday the 19th, I got up late, of course, then managed to combine two activities - dinner and the Thursday show with tankgirl, and dinner with Stuart, out from NZ. We had an amazing dinner at Dishdash, Stuart and Angela got to meet each other, and I got to catch up with Stuart.

Win-win all around.

And then a very nice Thursday show, with 31 singers, and 5 rotations. I'm again not going to list everyone, but there was tychobrahe (who now has an envelope!), rackstraw, markobellydance, snafflekid, and quite a gratifying mix of old and new people, including the Annie crowd.

I dropped Angela off at home, then decompressed at Carrow's.

Friday the 20th was my second show at the Mardi Gras. kshandra had planned to join me there, but found that after her first week of work, she simply wasn't up to it. So I had to go it alone.

Very alone.

There weren't a lot of people there, and the ones that were, weren't singing. Over the four hours of the show, there were 11 songs that weren't me (including one by Sylvia, the bartender). I sang the other 46.

I was actually quite proud of myself. I could still talk at the end of the night.

I actually had the 21st off, so I prepared for a nice long sleep - interrupted at the last minute to go visit with Raven at Dev's place. I slept right through several text invitations from Dev to go be sociable...

And then headed up to the Dome for the first visit with my parents in something like 4 weeks. I'd been sick that long. A very pleasant time, a good dinner, and then back home for some more of that sleep stuff.

Sunday the 22nd, Sean dropped Raven off at the Duplex. There was some lunch and dinner involved, not to mention a little walking around the neighborhood. She hung out while I headed off to the Sunday show.

Which was a very nice one, if not exactly crowded. 16 singers, and 12 rotations. We had some swanhart, a bit of synkitty, a full night of Wayne (joy), a lot of rackstraw, Kellen, Stacey, supersniffles, more lucydogstringer, and others.

Not a huge amount of income, but a fun time, nevertheless.

The day of Monday the 23rd was mostly spent getting Raven back over to Boulder Creek, then popping back over to the Monday show, which was, again, livelier than the Sunday show. Though this week we were 23% short of target.

It started pretty slow - the first 4 rotations were just myself, Timmie, David J, and Kathy, which made those two very happy. But then Annie's group came in, and David and Kathy took off. No patience, those two.

Anyway, Annie's group was quite a bit larger this time, centered around Jill. Who if she isn't Hanan, is Hanan's twin sister. But acts differently. I dunno. Anyway, there were quite a lot of them, they mostly sang very well, and were just generally fun.

On Tuesday the 24th, I had dinner with Sarah and Paul, where we mostly just chowed down on Sarah's fajitas, but also talked at least a little bit about the wedding. I have a slightly better idea of the type of music I should be looking for. And the poor fools generous duo were nice enough to pay me for the event in advance.

I left there and headed back over the mountain to Boulder Creek, the idea that I'd be able to wake up early enough to do the list of tasks that Raven needed done. Well, OK, drive Raven around to various locations so she could do what she needed.

Surprisingly, it worked, despite a number of fairly large setbacks. Even more surprisingly, I made it over the hill, loaded the car, and found my way to the Cat Club only a quarter of an hour late. In fact, I was set up on time. Hell, so was Rachel - we actually opened the doors at 9:00pm.

Of course, the only people there were myself, Oni, and Rachel. So the first three rotations were myself, Oni, and Rachel (yes! She actually sang! Five times, even!).

Then some people started trickling in, like Blau and The Jane (who apparently got tired of standing in line for B.A.G.G.), a couple (Clare and Mace) that were a lot of fun, and apparently there with Stephen, who was apparently there for the French contingent, and Dennis.

A much reduced French contingent got there later, as well as Lab, brought again by Pain after long absence, Amy, and Bronica.

In the end, 24 singers, and 9 rotations.

And a very weird night. Amber, who'd been there the previous week, came back, and was just as fucked up as the last time. Amber's kind of a clingy drunk. When she got too drunk to comprehend that I didn't have the song she was looking for, she would just hang onto me, trying to spell out what she wanted, and failing miserably.

Meanwhile, I also had a drunk Mexican dude™ that, after being cut off, seemed to think that he had to sit right next to me.

Then Patrick invited a bunch of people over from the Onyx club, next door (it's normally closed on Wednesdays). Several of them were kinda belligerent - fortunately, not around me, per se.

Steve closed everything down rather suddenly, when it just got to be too much for him.

And the bar - and therefore myself - made almost no money. Between my tips and fraction of bar take, I left the City with a full $35.

I headed straight home, and went to bed. Well, if you ignore the nap on Whipple...

Thursday the 26th, I got up early(ish), and got to my parents around 2:00pm for Thanksgiving. A nice gathering, though Indrajit was home recuperating from an operation, so he was replaced by his brother, who was visiting.

There was Carol, and Beth, and Vee, and Jhumi, and Sruti, and Arjun. Arjun's grown a beard, and is growing out his hair for Locks of Love. I didn't have the heart to tell him he looked just like a young Charlie Manson.

So, the usual, An excellent meal in which we all got to hear Sruti talk.

I left a little late, and got to the bar around 8:00pm. I was still set up before people got there.

Timmie had quite the little spread going, and as the night wore on I managed to munch on a little of it - not to mention the yam/pecan thing that Kendall brought later on.

It was a pleasant evening, and reasonably well attended (I gather we were 12% off target), with 22 singers and 6 rotations. More Hex and Kellen, more Adrian and Hely (with a girl named Jillian that is very likely to be back), Gia, kshandra, lots of supersniffles, chiendarrendor and ajayav, Nicole D (an old friend of Timmie's that we haven't seen in ages) and her date(?) Sarah, Gia, Vikki, Vikki's attachment Bill, and more.

trivialt brought his sisters, and they all left at one point to do the Black Friday thing at Toys'R'Us.

Needless to say, there was no visit to April after the show.

And most of Friday was spent catching up on sleep, though I did do some shopping. I toyed with the thought of actually going out and doing it, but opted for online, instead.

I've got a new printer heading this way, because the quality on mine has finally degraded to the point that parts of the page are illegible. And I really need to print books. In fact, that's where the legibility thing popped in, during an attempt to print one out. There might be some way to clean everything up again, but I'm getting kinda tired of how often I need to baby the thing.

So I've ordered the newer model Brother (the old one's been quite reliable, after all), and a couple of toner cartridges. The amusing thing (to me, at least), is that even with overnight shipping, the online total was lower than the local Black Friday price at Microcenter.

I also dropped by Dev's to pick up a few things of Raven's.

Then up to my third night at the Mardi Gras, which was even more sparsely attended than last week. I'm scheduled to be back on the 18th, but I'm really not sure if they're going to go for it - my pay may very well have been more than the bar made.

Though I did reasonably well with what I had to work with, and at least I got other people to sing a bit more. I only had to sing 34 times this week. A guy named Fred took his first stab at karaoke, and ended up singing 12 songs. Ken, one of the regulars, sang a song then left, but came back later and sang 5 more. Sylvia did a couple.

On the whole it was better this week from my standpoint - I was more engaged with the people in the room, I did several requests, got involved with a few people, and just generally kept things going. There just wasn't much to work with.

Ah well.

Dropped by the 1st&101 Denny's on the way back, had some supper, and came home.

And here I am. I've had some nappage in my chair (including during this post), they still haven't started on the windows for our side of the duplex, and the power went out mysteriously for about half an hour. I'd been sorta hoping to go do something in Boulder Creek this afternoon, but I'm not sure when I'm going to be able to get some sleep...

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