Bruce (kor27) wrote,

Yet Another Week

It's time yet again to dig into the archives and figure out what the hell I've been doing.

So, Monday, I did make it over the mountain, but raven2000 had decided against the Tuesday thing. So we just had another nice dinner at the Boulder Creek Brewing Company, and I headed back over (late, of course) to the Monday show.

I got there at 8:15pm. Due to extensive setup help from timenchanter, I started at 8:30pm.

Which was good, because we were quite busy fairly shortly, for no known reason I can think of. No complaints, mind you.

But, yeah, 24 singers, 7 rotations, and enough money to bring us to just under target for the weekend.

Kathy and David J came out, lasted two rotations, and went home (they hate busy nights). We had qzar_mystik, Sean (of the Dev crowd), megcn86, quite a bit of the Baycon crowd (tychobrahe, Elissa, and Vikki, at the least), a rare appearance by spawrhawk, a mostly post-laryngitis snafflekid, kshandra, lucydogstringer, Adonis & Michael (who were apparently passing by on their way back from a date), synkitty, supersniffles, Terry, and more.

I'm sure I did something on Tuesday during the day. "Sleep" seems likely. That evening was the new regular spot at New Jersey's, which was predictably slow. A total of 12 individual singers over the length of the evening, and 22 rotations.

Well, "rotation" might not be the best term. Let's just say that I sang 22 times. The place was pretty dead until a birthday party rolled in, around 10:30pm. They were a lot of fun - and the two birthday boys (Wally and Stacy) were pretty good singers.

Ashley was there again for a bit, and still an astoundingly good singer. Katie and Laura were also both pretty good.

Shannon had also been there for the previous show. It's been a challenge both times getting her to sing, but fun. This time she was with a guy named Josh, who definitely had the right attitude. Not to mention being able to translate my shirt...

All-in-all, a good time, and the owners are happy with me.

I got home from there, dumped the speakers, caught up on the 'net, then headed back over to Boulder Creek. The theory had been that I'd take Raven into town to deal with some paperwork, but we'd both forgotten it was Veteran's Day. So most of the day was spent sleeping.

I got going back to civilization at a reasonable-ish time.

The plan had been to pick up tankgirl, then head up the peninsula to the Cat Club. There was a slight communication breakdown, as she was in her pajamas when I got there. So I grabbed some Popeye's on my own, and headed northward.

I try to be at the Cat by 7:30pm. I made it by about 7:50pm, which is still OK.

And joined Kym (and shortly Rachel) hanging around outside the club, waiting for someone to let us in. Alethea was on a road trip, Randy was promoting in the Castro (and drunk), and Steve had to wake up and grab a cab to get to us.

He was a little grumpy. Which is kinda hard to tell from his normal state...

So yeah, I didn't get to start setting up until 8:30pm, and was sorta ready by 9:30pm, delayed a bit further by having Steve help me with the sound. Sigh.

Got it reasonable, anyway.

It turned into an insane night - 46 singers (though 7 dropped out before I could get to them), and 4 rotations - and that 4 rotations only because I ran way late.

Still no Scott, but jannypanlj, the Carly group, Oni & Thalia, Brian (minus Stephanie - they apparently just broke up), Pain, Jade, Marcus, a large part of the French contingent, Wil, Evan (though he left before he could sing), John M, a very drunk Randy, and a cast of, well, 46, plus non-singers.

Just keeping the chart up to date became a bit tricky.

But, y'know, I managed.

The big excitement of the night, as I've previously mentioned, was finding that someone had broken into the car to grab my overnight stuff from Boulder Creek.

So I got to drive back down the peninsula with one hell of a draft.

I didn't make it out of the house until 4:00pm on Thursday. Still, got the window repaired, and got most of the vital stuff replaced, minus little things like the prescription I need to pick up tomorrow. It gave me an opportunity to shop, which was fun.

And then to the Thursday show, only slightly late, which was also relatively insane, though it was a mere 38 singers, and a full 5 rotations.

Though, let's face it, the first of those was just myself, Timmie, James, and a guy named Michael that had taken a date there.

It was dionuse's birthday, and a rather impressive crowd came out for that. Among other things, the first time I've seen Colleen in ages.

There was moahb, and trivialt, and little Rachel, and the Alex group (with actual Alex!), Hex, Wayne, quite a group out with Hanan (Allen, Brian, and Annie, at the least), moonshae & bluize, rackstraw, Debbie & Rebecca, justnate, twitchet, supersniffles, redstreets, and definitely more.

An incredibly good party, and we apparently more than made up for last Thursday, which is all good.

Though I could not seem to make the vocals sound right...

I of course made less money than most Thursdays, because the only variation is in tips, I didn't have the time to send someone around, and so made a whopping $4. On the other hand, the bar is more likely to stay open.

Timmie and I had some Denny's, I got home, and collapsed in a heap. I'd been feeling a little sick for the last two weeks or so, but nothing serious. This, on the other hand, was. Tearing up your throat, can't see straight, hard to stay upright sick.

So that's been my occupation for Friday, Saturday, and a good part of today. I had a few recreational things scheduled, but nothing major, fortunately. Also fortunately, I'm feeling much better, which is good - I've got a 6 day marathon to look forward to.

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