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Bruce [userpic]
So, I've Managed to Break MySQL

I just tried changing a few fields over to UTF-8, so I could use the utf_general_ci collation (it's the only one that handles ÿ the way I want it to). I'm still simply playing with the web interface, and the interesting thing is that I now can't do a query that returns a large number of fields.

Like artists that contain "a".

I get "error 12" returned, which is apparently "out of memory."

The older stuff is working fine, so it just looks like the effort of dealing with character format translations is taking up huge amounts of memory.

When I have more time, I may just have to see what happens when I translate everything over to UTF-8.

Of course, I could also make snapshots of a lot of my "on-the-fly" modifications that occur during the sort process...

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