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So, I left off just under a week ago...

Well, Sunday afternoon was mostly devoted to the new discs. The Sunday show was pleasant, if a bit slower than we were hoping, given the costume thing an'all. Some good ones, though. Jill W. came in this frighteningly good Elvis thing, megnc86 was a gypsy, kizmet100 was all fanged up (and kinda miffed at me for giving her songs about kissing, since she couldn't do esses), foxypinkninja was a kid with bunny ears, pajamas, and a huge stuffed rabbit, sjgrrrl wore her Starfleet uniform, bluize and moonshae were sailors, Honey brought in a date, Laurel, who made a very attractive bee, tazja714 did a cape&horns thing, lucydogstringer was Jack from Will&Grace, and more - that's mostly what I remember right now.

At the end, we had 24 singers, and 7 rotations - not only were there not a huge number of people, but they faded early. It was almost like everybody'd been partying for a couple of days...

I have no idea what I did during the day on Monday the 2nd. I suspect I mostly just slept, because I still wasn't exactly feeling great. The Monday show was slowish, but not too bad - 14 singers, and 12 rotations. Three of those rotations were actually 10 people long.

Kathy and David J, trivialt and qzar_mystik, a very cute lesbian named Jen (good singer, too!), Honey and Uva, James, a new couple (I think), Paige & Jackie, and gratifyingly large amount of stuberyl (6 songs!). In the end, bar income was down 20% for the weekend, which isn't too bad.

Tuesday, I mostly tried to shake this low-grade sickness thing. I canceled a trip to my parents, got to Musson before it closed for some gaff tape, mailed a letter to a collection agency (they apparently don't know my number, and I'm gonna keep it that way), and spent most of the evening at Chevy's, online, where I bought some stuff for future Psycho Donuts shows (We're going to run some coax through the wall to make my TV hookup easier).

And a lot of sleep.

Wednesday, I did some more stuff about incorporating music, then got ready just in time to head up to the Cat Club. Rachel was off having fun in Hawaii, so Steve bartended, which was, well - let's just say it's a good thing it wasn't a hugely busy night. It started out quite slow - I think it was nearly 10:00pm before I had any singers - but picked up nicely. When the dust settled, 27 singers and 5 rotations.

And what would have been a reasonably nice amount of money if I were still getting the level of tips I used to (they used to nearly always match the amount I made from the bar). As it is, well, I made more than the cost of getting there.

The French contingent brought some new people (Jim and Marouen), "Pain" sang quite a bit, Justin brought in some friends for his birthday (and invited me to any future parties, without exactly telling me how I'd go about, y'know, finding out about them), Benita (the bartender trainee) actually got the courage to sing once, jannypanlj was herself as always, and, of course, more.

Thursday I was up early-ish to handle some taxi duty and minor shopping for raven2000. Got that done, and bounced straight back over the hill to pick up tankgirl and head to the bar.

A nice little Thursday, though it felt more like a Sunday - 19 singers, and 9 rotations. I assume the bar made considerably less than target.

moahb and Rick, trivialt, synkitty, James, Kymme, Caeylin, Caeylin's friend Dee, some of the Filipino contingent, a bit'o'Honey (with Jen in tow), and supersniffles.

I'm not totally sure what I did Friday during the day. I suspect not much. I got up just in time to grab a quick bite at Panera and head up to the Mardi Gras. Interesting little dive with a very friendly crowd - and nice owners and staff. Hopefully they'll have me back, though I haven't heard from them yet. The customers seemed to like me, anyway.

Bekki didn't make it out, but I managed to get tlsthatsme to come up the peninsula with a little bit of prompting. There used to be karaoke there with the previous owners, and some of the group reflected that (there were some very good singers), but still, getting songs was a little like pulling teeth. 15 singers and 15 rotations. I managed to keep things flowing (especially after Tobi got there), and even had some dancing going on towards the end of the night.

Then Tobi bought me supper at IHOP, and I came home to collapse.

Saturday, I was supposed to do some shopping for Raven, and possibly visit the parents. After finally getting myself together around 5:00pm, I decided to do neither. I still have some persistent throat issues, wanted to take it easy, and decided to just have a low-level "me" day.

Which involved more Chevy's, and a stroll through Fry's. We all relax in our own way...

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