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Bruce [userpic]

Since I'm still kinda sick, I've got the evening free! Spare time!

...OK, that's kinda pathetic.

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Mood: cheerfulcheerful

Does it count as spare time if you're supposed to be using it for resting?

Well, it's not so much that I need to rest, as that I'm not visiting my parents because of the risk of infection.

I love them dearly, but the weekly visits cut into what is already precious little spare time. Which I'm presently wasting in a booth at Chevy's, indulging in my favorite sin: Gluttony.

Ah... Chevy's. Chips, salsa, and margaritas.

Sadly, it's iced tea instead of margaritas. But I've done the full soup/entrée/dessert thing, plus the chips&salsa, and am feeling quite rotund.

As well as somewhat poorer...

Oh, I forgot about their desserts. I keep meaning to try the deep fried ice cream.

It's not bad. I opted for the "chiquita sundae," because it actually is a reasonable size.

Though they seemed to have skimped on the cinnamon...

Now if you wanted truly sinful, head to On The Border, and have their Mexican chocolate filled sopapillas...

That sounds promising. And makes me want a chocolate babka.


I've never had one of those! I had to look the name up, and the pictures are quite droolworthy.

Re: Oooh!

I've only had them from a place in downtown Mountain View, Neto Caffe. They're fine at room temp, truly heavenly once heated.

Re: Oooh!

I believe there's going to be an expensive restaurant visit in my relatively near future...

Re: Oooh!


(I feel like such a pimp.)


I'm trying to remember what used to be in that spot...

Ah well. The turnover can be fairly rapid on that street.

Right across Castro, the candied walnut prawns at Hangen are to die for.

Re: Hmmm

T'was the Double Rainbow ice cream parlor, and I was quite sad when it left. Then Neto won me over by making delicious pastries and hiring cute boys to sell them.

I'll take your word for it re: the prawns; I'm more a kung pao tofu kinda girl. :)

Re: Hmmm

Ah yes, the Double Rainbow. Went there a coupla times.

I'm more a pastry than gelato type anyway.

And ain't nuttin' wrong with kung pao tofu. I'm just an unabashed omnivore.