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Bruce [userpic]

Tuesday I headed over the mountain, picked up raven2000, and eventually headed up to San Mateo to pick up some of her stuff - basically, what would fit in my car, which ended up being three large bins and a couple of plants.

Got back to Boulder Creek, got her internet and wireless router situation sorted out, then I slept. A lot. Basically, early Tuesday evening to early Wednesday afternoon was spent asleep or dozing.

'Twas very nice.

Cleaned up, took a walk out with her and the dogs, then headed back over the hill to pick up the equipment and get up to the Cat Club.

Fun little night at the Cat, if a tad slow. The French contingent wasn't out in full force, so there wasn't that big block (Mostly just Isabelle and Maëlys, though there was also a bit from Ben, Joe, and Manuel), and it seems a lot of the others have been driven off by the students.

Got a bit of a lecture from Rachel about the Europeans scaring off the tipping customers, which I can understand. I'm just not too sure what to do about it. My instinct is that they're also cute, and have the potential to bring in many drinking non-singing customers - but that hasn't exactly happened yet.

Scott didn't come in, which worries me slightly - he left early last week, shortly after someone else sang one of the songs he'd put in. At the time, I just figured he had 5 songs in, and losing one wouldn't be a problem. I just may have been wrong, there.

Not that we were dead, mind you - there were still 26 singers, and only 6 rotations. But the income was mostly enough to pay for gas and dinner.

Carly and Kevin brought some friends (Melissa, Esteban, and Kristi), and Carly & Kristi ended up spending most of the night. There may have been some drama involved.

And some new people, and some regulars (jannypanlj got 5 songs, and Oni, who was giddy about her wedding dress all night, got 6). 'Twas fun, as always.

I'm still working with the new sound - mostly by turning down the midrange amp settings. What I really need to do is take a snapshot of the new box, and find out what the various pieces do. I suspect one of the pieces is a crossover that might just solve my problem. The issue being that the amp rack is kept in a corner of the utility closet behind many other large pieces of equipment, so playing with it is a chore. I suspect this is intentional...

Despite all the sleep, I was pretty tired - I think I'd somewhat reset my body clock to a "normal" schedule - so the trip back home was kinda scary. Ended up napping on Whipple Road again, and then forewent my usual visit with April for some fast food, and a quicker collapse in my bed.

I don't remember much from Thursday afternoon. I discovered a couple of new discs had arrived, but didn't have time to do anything with them (still haven't), picked up tankgirl, had a pleasant dinner, and then made it to the bar early, for a change.

I was even ready to go on time.

An interesting Thursday - the energy was different than usual. 23 singers, and 5 and a half rotations. There was, obviously, Angela, but also chiendarrendor & ajayav, the new James (who gave me a disc I still need to work on - it's pretty scuffed up) and "Kymme", kizmet100 and foxypinkninja (who was obsessively asking programming questions again), synkitty and Joel, Bekki, sjgrrrl (!!!!), trivialt, moahb, a lil' bit o'Honey, supersniffles, and the new people.

The lesbian table had Emma, Ezra, and Syreeta. Emma had an adorable british accent - her mother and sister had been in before, but I'm too lazy to look for the reference. It was very good they were there, because Bekki was supposedly having a bachelorette party, but none of her guests showed up. So timenchanter had the girls lapdance her while he sang You Can Leave Your Hat On. She perked up quite a bit after that.

Emma and Ezra had a lot of fun during their songs. Syreeta has a beautiful voice. The rest of her ain't bad either...

We also had Sandy, Hans, and Richard, who hid from me by the door.

And Adrian, who was lucky enough to get a song in after 1:00am.

And that's the players. Not a huge number of people in the bar, but sales were just a tad below target, I believe in large part because of Emma's group - I had to chase one of them out from behind the bar when she got irritated at having to wait 10 minutes for a drink (Timmie was taking a smoke break).

I was kinda slow shutting down, and Angela wasn't feeling the Denny's bit, so I took her home, grabbed some Carl's, and tried to do something about the new discs before I keeled over.

The difficulty being that I had to be up by 9:30am on Friday.

Actually somewhat managed to get myself up and clean, headed over the mountain, got Raven to her appointment, and also dealt with some last-minute drama involving a potential foreclosure.

John owes me some money, now. I really need to have some "white knight" business cards printed up.

Had a nice long walk with Raven (about 4 miles), then packed up and headed back over here to, well, sleep. I was tired for some reason.

I still felt tired when I got up at 6:00am to get ready for the Psycho Donuts show. It was kinda surprising when I was actually ready to go just a little after 10:00am. No one else was, per se, but I was.

It started out pretty slow. kshandra came out to shill for me, one of the counter girls ("Nurse Anna") had a great time singing, rackstraw showed up, sang a song, and took off (without his free donut), and we got some occasional songs from the guys at the KSJS table out front.

But things really didn't start to pick up until 11:00am. And then, as always happens, they got kind of busy. I was supposed to end at noon - I didn't actually finish until a little after 1:00pm.

I think my favorite costumes were the TV Batman and Catwoman. Very good jobs on the costumes, and one of his utility belt items was a player cycling theme music from the show - at just about the perfect volume.

I made $12 in tips, a sandwich, and got a Psycho Donuts shirt. On the other hand, I had kids singing, which is always fun. Will probably do again.

Got home, unloaded the car, dropped off some costuming pieces for Angela, and headed over the hill to pick up Raven for a party in San Mateo.

As we were leaving her place, I got a call for an "emergency party" that evening in Campbell. I had just enough time to drop her off at her party (I would have liked to have gone, but at least they all were her friends), bounce back down, reload the damn car, and head off to Campbell.

Turned out the place was New Jersey's, a sports bar. I assume their original KJ bailed, but whatever. I was supposed to run from 8:00pm to 10:00pm. I think the last song was at something like 11:20pm. As always.

There weren't a lot of people there, but a fairly nice energy, especially for a sports bar. The main problem I had squeezing songs out of people was Ashley. The girl had an amazing voice, and a great stage presence. Scared a whole bunch of people from singing.

But she left, and the alcohol kicked in.

Debbie, the person who hired me, apparently likes me well enough. I start a regular gig there on Tuesday the 10th.

Grabbed some Del Taco on the way home, did some laundry (all my pants were dirty), and crawled into bed, feeling sick - nasty sore throat, sniffles, everything. It's either something pretty fast, or I was collapsing from the pace. Dunno. I don't feel great right now, but definitely better.

Might sleep some more, though...

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Nice to see all of this other work coming in for you. We all know you're the best KJ in the Bay. Now everybody else seems to be figuring it out too.

Thank you, dear.

It's interesting. I've been trying to drum up business for a few years now, and it's been building slowly.

The odd thing is that a lot of it seems to be picking up with no particular relation to the work I've put into advertising, or even word of mouth. Yesterday's thing was just a response to my set of Craigslist ads that I've been posting for forever...

Maybe the economy is tanking and going out to Karaoke is reasonably cheap entertainment?

That's my theory, anyway.

Possibly - that's certainly occurred to me. Especially since I get the strong impression that karaoke is one of the cheaper forms of entertainment for the bar.

On the other hand, bar patrons can get much cheaper entertainment by staying home and watching TV or having sex.

On the third hand, one of the natural human responses to a bad environment is to go out and drink heavily...

Sounds like you have whatever Elly has. She thought it was just side effects of the H1N1 vaccine she but if you're experiencing the same thing maybe it's something more.

Yeah, it's more like a cold that progresses through the stages rapidly...