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Bruce [userpic]
Crawlin' Along

Not too long after my last narrative post I got myself together, washed, and headed out to find some "loratadine" tablets, as recommended by my doctor.

Turns out that's the active ingredient in Claritin.

Can't say I've noticed a huge difference, but then, if the problem is the vitamin D proper, I'll be sweating the stuff out for a month. Not that it makes a huge amount of logical sense to be allergic to vitamin D...

It was rather odd that about 15 minutes after taking the tablet, I had a very foul taste in my mouth. It'll be interesting to see what happens today.

I insisted to myself that I sit down and have dinner (at Panera, this time), so I was late to the bar again, not that it made a bit of difference. There were a couple of guys playing pool, so my main contribution there was having more background music going when the Lady Gaga CD ran out.

It was around 8:45pm or so when Wayne and Jorgie walked in. I've never had them as my first customers before. Jorgie was... very Jorgie last night. Normally his howling is roughly on-key...

It developed into a fun night. Not a particularly profitable night (we were down 20% for the weekend), but fun. We had a new girl named Jen for most of the evening, apparently a Savoy regular that was convinced to try us out by Honey.

Which also meant we had Honey for most of the evening, which is a novel experience.

James showed up around 9:30pm or so, followed a little later by trivialt. Then bluize and moonshae, and much later lucydogstringer and supersniffles. A nice little group. 12 singers, and 10 rotations.

Despite the relative lack of filing work, it took me until 3:00am to shut down, and then Cindi, timenchanter, and I visited April.

And then home, where I fell asleep pretty rapidly.

I'm now awake-ish, and already late for a trip over the mountain, so I gotta get goin'.

Current Location: The Duplex
Mood: calmcalm

My experience is that I either metabolize the stuff so fast that its effect vanishes almost instantly, or that the molecule is so unstable that my supply has become useless by the time I find myself needing it.

And I'm of course using it for a body rash, where I can't tell when it's wearing off.

Great. Another Vicodin.