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Bruce [userpic]
Mildly Different

The day yesterday was mostly devoted to purchasing and assimilating the new songs.

At least, that's all I remember doing.

I got to the bar late, for no particularly good reason, allowing blankreloaded reason to bitch. So I at least made him happy.

It was good to see the Casey.

Definitely a slow night, though thanks in large part to Casey, I'm sure, we made half of target for the weekend.

We had some synkitty and Joel, though not for long - Casey was nice to her in a way she found disturbing, and she eventually took off in a huff, fueled in part, it seems, by the general lack of sympathy she was receiving.

There was a gratifying amount of moahb, Jules and Gary - who stayed almost all night (I'm positive I've met Jules. Especially since it's a rare-ish name for a girl, and I have contact with a few. Damn my memory), quite a bit of supersniffles, and a rare Cheri sighting.

And, apart from a couple snuggling in our one remaining booth, that was it until something like 11:30pm, when James (the new one) showed up. Then we were invaded by Haunt around 12:30pm, with qzar_mystik, trivialt, and a couple of people they dragged along, including "Belle Bouche," who kept gushing at me about how great the karaoke was.

It was slightly embarrassing. Accurate, of course, but embarrassing.

In the end, 15 unique singers, and 12 rotations.

Then a solitary stop at April's, and home to eventually sleep.

I've been up for a while, but without a huge amount to show for it. I sent poster data off to the Mardi Gras lounge, where I'll be playing on the 6th.

I've had a bit of an exchange with my doctor - it appears I may actually be allergic to something, since I've got a rash that matches an allergic reaction. Possible an issue with the megadoses of vitamin D.

But mostly, I've not quite managed to go back to sleep, so I'm yet again about to fall asleep when I need to get ready for the evening.

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