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Bruce [userpic]

My last test result just came back, and I'm negative for colon cancer as well.

So, so far the only thing that's been detected wrong with me is a lack of vitamin D.

I wonder if one could replenish that by drinking the blood of the living?

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I'm thinking... no. The only utility to drinking the blood of the living is the fun you'd get out of it.

There's definitely that, but still, consider: It's by definition high in nutrients, and chock-full of iron.

A bit messy when they struggle, but hey, "It doesn't belong in your face if it doesn't get all over the place"...

But what if all the most enticing victims are anemic?

While there are, definitely, enticing anemic types, I generally prefer my victims with a bit of curve...


I recommend milk. In the immortal words of Gozer
Choose the form.

I'm supposed to ingest 2000 units a day for three months. At the standard 100 units/cup for American milk, that's 20 cups of milk a day.

I'm just not that thirsty.

In my case, the doctor just wrote a scrip for a 50,000 UI Vitamin D tablet that I took once a week. But they do have high-dosage vitamin d capsules for sale at stores like Country Sun.


I just bought a bottle of 1000 unit vitamin D pills at Costco. I'm trying to be extra healthful, and have been downing a couple of them while eating dried fruit.

I'm supposed to get more fruit, and frequently have texture issues with the fresh stuff.

(no subject) - (Anonymous)

And these two are distinct how?

The daystar - it burns.

Taste for blood, check.
Skin burns when exposed, check.

You are either a vampire or a shark.

I can't be both? What about friggin' lasers?