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Bruce [userpic]

It at least feels like it's been a long day.

After my last post, I did some random surfing, and also tried to educate myself better on Google AdWords. I also did a little brainstorming on the format of the ad proper - the one I had up before sucked, with the suckage of a large amount of suck.

Very likely about the amount of suckage that an ad written by AT&T would have had.

More importantly, though, I slept some more, and got up in time to get washed, get dressed, buy some pens, and find my way to the bar.

The pens, as it turns out, weren't necessary last night, but they were kind of needed in general. For whatever reason, the rate of pen disappearance seems to have gone up, and I had precisely 5 pens left.

I now have 47.

That was the excitement for the evening. The people who sang for the evening were myself, timenchanter, Kathy & David, Mikey H, James & Caeyla, and eventually supersniffles. Mikey had a date, so there was actually one other person in the bar on top of the singers.

Kathy and David were nearly ecstatic. James was pretty happy too - a tiny rotation was just what they wanted.

16 rotations, and what with the fairly decent night Sunday, the weekend total came in 16% low. Not too bad - and David tipped me a rather large amount, so my income was quite reasonable.

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