Bruce (kor27) wrote,

Fair Day

I woke up yesterday at 9:00am, just in time to make it down to the last day of Northern Fair.

And promptly rolled over, and went back to sleep.

I eventually got myself up, clean, and garbed by 1:00pm. I cast around for company, but murphymom wasn't feeling well, tankgirl had something family-related going on, and raven2000 was so far the wrong way that there would have been an hour of the day left by the time I got there.

So I went on my own, and had a reasonably fun time. Expensive, but fun - I have a new ring being sized that I'll be getting in a week.

There was definitely a feeling of shrinkage, the most shocking being that Oberon leathers is now a little corner of the Tower of London shop.

On the other hand, there certainly seemed to be enough people wandering around - though I don't know if they bought anything.

I ran into Rick, who was there with large parts of his family. In fact his sister had just been proposed to.

I wasn't able to hang around for the after-Fair concert, but that was OK. It was Tempest.

Which is unfair. They are a good band, despite Lief being deaf as a post. And it might have been fun to experience them while someone else wrestled with their sound.

Anyway, I made it home in time to load the car, scoop up timenchanter, and head to the bar. The evening initially looked like it was going to be pretty slow, and in fact I got going 20 minutes late, largely because I was schmoozing with synkitty, J, and Jill W.

After I got going, people started wandering in - including Rick. Our new James brought a very nice singer, Caeylin, Jill was joined by Cheri (her Cheri) and Angie, moahb came out, we were subjected to Billy and Jorgie...

Billy actually managed to get more smashed than usual, which is all I really need to say. Except that he contributed a huge amount to the bottom line for the night.

Talking to Angie later, it turns out she used to go to Creekside with Kezia. We both thought the other looked kind of familiar...

We also had Debbie, and snafflekid, and bluize, and moonshae, and supersniffles, and trivialt, and lucydogstringer. And "Penny," who sang one song, and two new groups: Leo, John, and Raymond early in the night, and Kate, Hely, and Adrian later.

28 singers, and 5 rotations. Not too bad for a Sunday. We made just a little over target for the night.

A slow limping shutdown, the traditional visit with April, and then home for an absolutely joyous OOB (Out of Boot) experience. I fell asleep in the middle of posting the day's ad on Craigslist, and later woke up enough to crawl into bed.

Which I'm thinking of doing again right now. Yesterday was just a tad on the tiring side.

I just told AT&T that I didn't want to spend more on advertising with them. The guy was sneaky - I've been a little on the fence on the subject ($250 a month? Really?), and busy, so I've been letting his calls go to voicemail. This morning he used another number. And I realized I just didn't feel like spending that much money, mostly for ad clicks. I need to do more, but maybe, just maybe, I should go directly to Google, reactivate my AdWords account, and do the work they were going to do for at least $100 less.

The fact that they'd screwed up the phrasing of my entry in the past, and that this particular guy couldn't seem to understand the concept of calling after 3:00pm were also factors.

Speaking of advertising, I kind of screwed up the Metro thing this year - they've already got their "best of" issue out, and KoC isn't anywhere in it. Good thing we're doing well without it.

And also speaking of advertising, Yelp just reinstated a bunch of reviews on my account - possibly something to do with all the bad press they've been getting lately. So I'm back up to 9, which is a reasonably comfortable number.

And that's it for now.

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