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So my last "regular" post was on September 23rd, and ended on September 15th. I've now managed to go more than a month.

And I'm obviously not going to fully make up for each day, but one can consider this a quick-n-dirty patch between then and the present day, with some hope that maybe, just maybe, I can start to find the time to get back to regular posting.

I kinda miss it.

So lessee, what's happened. The 15th was the last "regular" night at the Shamrock. The following Tuesday was apparently crap, plus a huge group showed up for karaoke - and bounced right back out. So I was brought in the following Tuesday, in large part because Dianah seemed to hope the huge group would come back.

Nope. And it seemed she didn't tell anyone else, so the people I had were the people that would have been there anyway. They were glad to see me, but the night didn't make much money. Haven't been asked back since. I sent her a letter suggesting a different pay formula, but the owner doesn't seem to be interested (the fact that I used the phrase "no cap BS" might have something to do with that).

In a number of ways, it's been a blessing. I've been busy almost every weekend with some party or other, and at least it's given me some breathing room.

The KoC weekends have been pretty good, especially the last two - Monday the 5th, we had a rather amazing crowd for maiandra's birthday (I have reports that jannypanlj was surprised to learn that Amacker was there. Not that I know Amacker, except she seems to be cut from the same cloth as Anita. There's something odd about the Burn), and this last Monday the 13th we had a slightly less amazing crowd for Megs' birthday.

Apart from all the stripteasing and body shots on the 5th (which Jesse apparently doesn't remember at all), one of the more interesting weekend nights was September 27th - Sarah J brought in this large group of relatively nice, if unusually straight-laced people. One of them made the mistake of putting up a song for "the crew of the STS-132." This STS-132. I actually had a bar full of astronauts.

Apart from this last one, the KoC Thursdays have been pretty busy. I blame the 15th on the muggy weather.

The Cat Club has been fun, though still not exactly what one would call lucrative. The French contingent has been very loyal, which means there's considerable amounts of eye candy on a regular basis.

Two weeks ago one of them (Rachel, which I assume is an anglicized version of her name) brought in her visiting mother, Beatrice. They danced in the cage together, which was just, well, awesome.

Back on September 16th, Kellen and Stacey came in as a last gasp before Kellen headed south.

That was also the night that I got Oni to sing Closer to Rock and Roll with me - seemed logical, since she'd done it on stage the previous Saturday.

tankgirl has been riding along with me for the last 3 Wednesdays, which has been quite pleasant. I've even been able to get her out to a couple of Thursdays.

Like this last one, where, of all people, rackstraw showed up, asking me if I knew twitchet.

Yes, yes I do.

Outside of the regular stuff, well - I ushered for Hillel on September 18th (Friday, Rosh Hashanah). That Saturday evening, I got to do a little outside party at the Australian Products Co.. They were doing an Aussie Christmas-themed party, which I was both DJing and KJing for. I got to immerse myself in Aussie Christmas music for several days (joy), and also had to learn Six White Boomers well enough to sing it along with a backing track (I could only find one Aussie Christmas song in karaoke form, and that weren't it).

Very friendly little group. I got paid, fed, and got as much ginger beer as I wanted. Christyne, the owner, was just thrilled that I showed up - she's apparently had a history with flaky entertainers.

I actually didn't work the following weekend - as I remember, I cleared off Saturday, in the hopes of making it to Northern. And then slept all day.

In other words, pretty much what happened today.

On the other hand, I went and ushered for Hillel again on the morning of September 28th (Monday, Yom Kippur), thus guaranteeing myself no sleep from Sunday through Tuesday morning.

The following Saturday, October 3rd, was a private birthday party, outdoors at a rather nice house a few blocks south of SJSU. They kept me there until about 2:30am - I wasn't going to refuse, especially since they kept throwing cash at me.

I'm not used to being cheered by people. It's very ego-enhancing. But then, they really were a nice group. And also had a great location - again, I was playing outdoors until 2:30am in an urban setting, and the cops never showed up. College areas are awesome that way.

They left me a couple of excellent reviews on Yelp, which are of course now gone.

The next day involved no sleep. First, I was supposed to give raven2000 a ride that morning from Boulder Creek. She didn't bother to tell me it wasn't happening until I got there. At 6:00am.

After that, I got home in time to shower, change clothes, and head up to Burlingame (with a 10-minute break in the IKEA parking lot for a "don't die in a fiery crash" nap) to do sound for a breast cancer benefit at Kincaid's for Mountains of Hope.

tychobrahe is connected with them in some way, which is how I got involved. I'd say I did it for free, but they fed me. That place has extremely good food.

I nodded off during part of the presentation, but apparently didn't snore too loudly. Several business cards were taken.

I have no idea how I survived that evening's show at KoC.

This last Sunday, I DJed for spondee and Ryan's wedding, at a beautiful house in Cupertino. This involved a couple of days of immersing myself in their music, which was mostly Jimmy Buffett and Willie Nelson, with some punk thrown in here and there.

I apparently did OK, which was especially fortunate since, while I had the music for the various parts of the ceremony, I hadn't been at a run-through, and so had to guess when to end one piece and start the next.

Ryan started crying partway through the vows, which was one of the best "awwwww" moments I've had in a long time. Especially when Marin wiped his face...

timenchanter was bartending for the event, so in many ways it seemed like a normal evening. Apart from my getting to the bar itself an hour and a half late...

I wore my Nehru jacket suit, largely because that way I could forgo a tie (makes changing a lot faster). The design interested one of the people there, Ian, and we proceeded from that to the Ukrainian peasant shirts I used to wear - which had him reminisce about visiting Mongolia while designing the uniforms for the troopers on Hoth. At least, that's what I think he said. What mostly stayed in my brain was that he'd been doing expensive junkets while working on a frikkin' Star Wars movie.

Turns out I was talking to Ian McCaig.

Shoulda known something like that would happen. I was surrounded by a bunch of Hollywood artists, after all.

Marin and Ryan timed their wedding very well, because while Sunday was simply gorgeous, the typhoon remnants started gathering together on Monday. And then hit on Tuesday.

Tuesday was an exciting day. I wasn't doing any work, but, well...

Raven had been asking me to come over and help get some groceries for about a week, and I finally headed that way Tuesday morning. The drive to Boulder Creek was, well, wet, but nothing amazing. It got that way once I got there.

I got soaked just walking from my car to their front door. Driving out with her and getting the groceries was a fairly impressive experience.

I napped there for a couple of hours, and then headed back out - I'd been brave enough to schedule myself a physical at 2:10pm that day.

I almost didn't make it. First of all, I had to turn back on Bear Creek road, because it was closed halfway through. And a tree was down almost all the way across the road on my way back. Mostly, though, it was a matter of dodging rocks.

Highway 9 is a long drive even without gale-force winds. It was beautiful, though. The rain was coming down thickly enough that one could see the wind gusts. It's difficult to describe - there's just something clean, pure, and alive about a wild storm like that one.

For reasons I don't remember, I went home first, then took the 101 down to the Santa Teresa Kaiser. In many ways, the 101 was the scariest part of the drive - the spray from the other vehicles pretty much whited out everything.

And then I met with the doctor, which was the scariest thing of all. I generally have to be pretty stable and healthy to handle the medical profession.

Turns out I hadn't fasted enough to have my blood drawn right then, but he sent me out to get a tetanus booster and a flu shot. I frequently have a panic attack around needles, but was able to handle it.

Hell, I was even able to handle getting my blood drawn the following afternoon. I wasn't happy about it, but at least I didn't run away. This time.

All but one of the tests have come back. Despite what appears to be a fervent hope by my doctor, I'm not diabetic. I could still have colon cancer, but I'm not diabetic.

However I am, for some mysterious reason, vitamin D deficient. So I'm on a regimen of enormous quantities of vitamin D for the next few months. I'm also supposed to get 10 minutes of sunlight a day. As if that's going to happen...

This last Friday (the 16th), I did a noon show at SF State for the students. I can't say we were terribly busy, but I never ran out of songs. It apparently doesn't normally get all that busy in that corner, anyway.

And that's pretty much it. I've got another party coming up this Friday - I'm doing a birthday party for Eric Krop's mother, who's going to make him sing for her.

It's going to be a little tricky - I'm supposed to get the rest of the party to sing while a pro is there. That's always a "fun" experience.

And this morning, I'm going to try to make it to the last day of Faire, likely with murphymom.

Which means I should drag myself into bed.

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