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Bruce [userpic]
Why Look! It's More Songs!

I just added SC-8660 and SC-8951 to the catalog, bringing the number of tracks to a dazzling 14,855, and the number of unique songs to a shocking 11,008.

The songs page is, of course, up to date, and new update sheets have been printed.

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Holy crap, two of the songs I was going to ask you for!

May have to come by the KoC soon...

I was entering the songs from the headbanger disc, and thinking "I wonder if Geo will check up on this?"...


What other songs were you thinking of?

Re: Ummm

Well, the Megadeth and AC/DC pieces off that disc are faves of mine, and I was considering asking for the Megadeth one in particular soon.

Dunno that I had anything else particular in mind; I was mostly being idiomatic. Only songs I've really missed out of your collection are "Black Hole Sun" and "Cult of Personality," and you've said neither of those are available!

Re: Ummm

Which is no longer true. Time to get out the pocketbook again...