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Bruce [userpic]

No, the judge won't "understand" that you're not feeling well.

It's a fairly simple system: You fuck up too many times, you go to jail. We saw that happen the last time we were in court - to someone who fucked up precisely this number of times.

But somehow your alcohol-soaked brain is convinced that the world is going to always give you leeway because you're just not feeling up to things right now.

Guess I should brush up on visitation requirements - I seem to remember reading that there's a fairly long qualification period...

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Mood: annoyedannoyed

Desk-On - apply directly to forehead.


There's just something about watching people make stupid stupid stupid decisions that makes it difficult for me to keep my composure.

But everything is short-term with her - followed by huge amounts of complaining about how things will "affect her future" when her actions catch up with her.

And unfortunately, I can't just bring myself to walk away.

I'm confused...

Which, let's face it, given the nature of most of your posts through time, is only fair.