Bruce (kor27) wrote,

Stumbling Towards the Present Day

So. Monday the 14th...

A fun little show, though it really seemed for a while that it was going to be just me, timenchanter, and the elder Mark. In fact, it was only the three of us for four rotations.

But then synkitty and Joel showed up, and Hex, Kellen, and Stacey. Kellen was just about to head southward, so it was her last night at the bar for two months. Then we got qzar_mystik, Terry, trivialt, Patrick (the dancer - hadn't seen him for about a month), and supersniffles.

There was also Jorgie, Kris, Fred, and Kristin, Jason B (I believe he came in with Patrick), and, at the last minute, some guy named Peter that I squeezed in.

Just before I let Kellen sing Closing Time.

So, in the end, 19 singers and 9 rotations. The take for the weekend was 10% down from target, which is quite acceptable.

I went out to IHOP afterwards with Synthia and Joel, in large part, I gather, so Joel could get to know me.

Tuesday, as I was getting ready to head up to the Shamrock, I got a call which I largely expected was Dianah saying I'd lost the gig - after all, only one of the previous two shows had made scads of money. Instead, it was Maria, passing me off to her friend Caroline - I'll be doing a lunchtime show at SF State in the middle of next month, and may be doing one once a month for the foreseeable future.

So I cheerfully headed up to Alameda, set up, got ready to go - and had Dianah tell me in person that it was the last night. She'd apparently fought to have me for the one more night.


It of course proceeded to be a very, very busy (and profitable) night. For one thing, Lindsey and Marina, as well, I gather, as a large proportion of Bowzer's Pizza, had lost their jobs, so they decided to have the celebration with me.

It was the usual chaos, though starting to shape into a normal show - not that that matters, now. 24 individual singers, and 7 rotations, which almost looked like rotations.

Sam Stone sang in every one of them, and didn't throw a hissy fit once. Jonny Walker asked me to sing a song for him, and then tried to help me shut down. Did a better job than most, I gotta say.

We had a very good new singer, Lissa, that I tried to recruit for the Cat. In fact, I passed out a fair number of business cards.

Apart from the general irritation at losing the most profitable weekly gig I had, I'm mostly disturbed by the way it went. The owner never comes down to the place, but rather than trust the word of his manager, simply looks at some short-term income trends, and makes a decision from there. And apparently doesn't look at those too well, either - according to Dianah, when I wasn't making much money, neither were the other nights. Things just aren't doing too well in Alameda.

I thought of suggesting a more complicated pay rate, since, as I've said before, there is overhead to be paid out of the base income. I'm quite willing to even take nothing on bad nights, as long as I get a larger share of the gravy on good nights.

But this is the guy that capped my income on the good nights. Economics is obviously not his strong suit.

On the positive side, I had quite a few people, including other bartenders, talk about how great a job I did, and Dianah's apparently scheming to at least get me back once a month, even, apparently, if it means going behind the owner's back. That was good for the ego.

I'm stilled pissed off, though. Hope last night made crap for income for them.

And it's stopping time again - I have to get up to the City early today, and I may be reuniting timenchanter and Fawkes, first.

At least I'm now only a week out of date.

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