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A Bit More

I expected to catch up on this today, but given that I just got around to starting...

It's kinda daunting when the backup is this large.

I finished the last post on Wednesday the 9th, leading us to Thursday the 10th.

Which was a relatively slow Thursday - only 22 singers, and 6 rotations. But there were some great people, and some rather interesting revelations.

justnate was there, with Rebecca (at least, they showed up at the same time), and there was also Miki, megnc86, and Keith. I think his name is Keith - he didn't sing, so I don't have a record.

So. "Keith" (if that is his real name) is the boyfriend that Miki stole from Megan, this of course long before Miki got married and Megan got engaged.

Rebecca is Miki's older sister, and was busy flirting with everyone, but especially Keith.

Would you believe there was no drama? Me neither, but nope. The worst thing that happened was that I invited Rebecca out Saturday, and haven't heard or seen her since.

'Cause, y'know, it was already kinda tangled, at it just felt like things could use some extra snarling...

Anyway, that all kept the evening interesting. I believe that was also the first evening that James, the new guy, showed up. Excellent singer, mostly sits by himself and patiently waits to sing. Said something about having just moved in down the block, and that he'll be coming in until "he has his own stuff set up," which sounded like he might be a KJ in his own right.

I should probably ask him - we could use somebody on Wednesdays there.

Some Albert and ajayav, some moahb and Rick, Joe and his friend Scotty, supersniffles, Terry, and quite a good time.

Friday the 11th was a relatively low-key day. The main accomplishment was fixing my seatbelt. Back when my window was smashed, some glass landed in the receiver. I'd been able to force things to work up until a few days before the 11th, when some apparently worked its way behind the latch, making it impossible to push the tab in at all.

So I on Thursday afternoon, I removed the old one, tried pounding it against a hard surface to break something loose, failed miserably, didn't make it to Pick-n-Pull in time to get another one, but did make it there Friday.

Gotta say, Ford has too many damn seatbelt designs. But I found one that matched, bolted it in, and now I have a working seatbelt. Go me.

The only other accomplishment was having tea with kshandra, which meant I actually managed to see her for a bit.

There had been a plan for me to go give a lesson in mixer use to a member of an Indian band in San Ramon, but at the last minute he moved that to Saturday morning - right after I'd called my parents to say I wasn't making it to the Dome. I decided to just stay home, because I was kind of in desperate need of "me" time.

On Saturday, I was up and ready to go, when he rescheduled to Sunday morning. Whatever.

Back on Wednesday, Oni had gotten me to promise to show up at Bootie that Saturday, because she was singing with the band. Hence the invitation to Rebecca.

The radio silence from Rebecca meant I didn't really have time to find anyone else, so I headed on up on my own.

An incredibly fun evening. Oni rocked, as did the other girls they got to sing with them. Though I'm not totally positive that Christine is a girl. Noah and Rick showed up, and Noah had convinced Adonis and, um, I think, Leo, to come along. Since I didn't have to hold anyone's drink, I was free to hang out in front of the stage with Steve and Ace, and just bopped along.

I ended up dancing (if what you call what I do "dancing") with Steve's aunt Liz.

I walked out just after the midnight show, ran into Oni out front, schmoozed for a bit, then headed back to the car, and down the peninsula.

Since I needed to be in San Ramon by 10:30am.

Surprisingly, Anupa didn't reschedule. Even more surprisingly, I was only half an hour late (In my defense, a large part of the lateness was from studying his mixer's manual). Fortunately for me, Indian Standard Time is later than just about anything - he wasn't in the least upset. I think I gave him a pretty good idea of how to use his equipment.

Even if his mixer didn't seem to be working properly. Soloing a channel automatically turned on its clip light, the meters read a fairly constant high level that wasn't coming out the output, and two channels weren't working properly - on one, the trim knob had no effect whatsoever. foxypinkninja said something later about it sounding like bad grounding, but it seems to me the thing should be able to handle a bad ground better than that.

But hey, it's a Behringer. I use some of their equipment. They're... odd.

Had some lunch, got back home, napped a bit, and then headed out to the bar.

The Sunday the 13th show was one hell of a lot of fun, and even reasonably profitable. Jill came back with her posse, we had a quick visit by an ambulatory writenwrong, there was more Megan, and then there was the birthday party.

It was Scott's birthday (jasonmagick and qzar_mystik's ex-boyfriend - both of whom were there). He brought several people with him, like his friends Ayana and Terry (I think it's Terry). Terry had apparently sworn up and down that she'd never sing karaoke. Heh heh.

It was also James W's last night in the area before being shipped out, so he brought Yasser in with him (who I haven't seen in ages), and partied.

And then there was Lynne. I'm doing a birthday party for her at the end of next month, and I guess she wanted to see how I was in action. I apparently passed muster.

And more, of course, like trivialt, Cindi, and synkitty. 23 singers, and 7 rotations.

And I'm going to pause there. The time is now more "morning" than "night," and I need to be up in the City early today - I'm supposed to talk to someone about doing shows at SF State.

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