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I actually have a little time today to post. I'm also likely to have a lot of time tomorrow, but that's another annoyance.

My last contiguous post was the afternoon of the 7th, meaning I've now managed two weeks of gap. Go me!

Given how busy the Sunday had been, it's not exactly astounding that that Monday was a slow night - we had a total of 12 singers for the night, and 15 rotations. The main standout was a new guy, Mateo, and Shawn attempting a repeat of the party of the previous week - but ending up there on his own. So we didn't get the crowd, but we did get, y'know, Shawn.

And, since the previous night had been so good, we ended up making 23% over target for the weekend. Not too shabby.

Tuesday was another chaotic night at the Shamrock, with an OK, but not stellar income. A whole bunch of people just didn't show up - but those who did, sang, so I had 17 singers and 12 rotations, which was a whole lot easier to deal with. A new bartender, Madeline, who like all the others is smokin' hot. Sang a song, too, if rather hesitantly.

The odd experience for the night was being hit on. By a guy. Figures that I'd be working in a bar so straight it's almost painful, and end up being a magnet for the only gay boy there. Of course, dunno what his orientation is sober - he was so drunk that he really wasn't all there.

But he still grabbed my crotch.

timenchanter rode along Wednesday to the Cat Club, and got to witness one of the busiest single nights I've had anywhere for quite some time. 47 individual singers, though, to be honest, 2 of them dropped out before I got to them. It's hard to count the rotations properly, since they all effectively came in during the first one, but then, the last 7 people were also singing while the first 7 were getting their 3rd song. The interlacing thing gets more baroque with a third column.

Let's just say that some people got 4 songs, and leave it at that.

There were most all of the regulars (including the return of jannypanlj), a few recent people that, well, may never come back because of the crowding (such as "The Jane," who apparently is "The Jane" in at least some group), and then the foreign exchange students.

We had a large crowd of cute French and German coeds. Who can sing.

I was in dirty old man heaven. Names like Priscille, and Isabelle, and.. Rachel? It was definitely a fun time...

Timmie, meanwhile, was having fun flirting with Tim. He had a good night.

And I made a nice chunk of change, which just made it that much better.

And I'm going to break off here, because I just spent the last two and a half hours on the phone with sjgrrrl, who I haven't heard from in months. She may even come out to the bar tonight, though the main point is that she's going to try to go and visit Debbie in NY next month, and needs some help with the arrangements.

I, meanwhile, need to go run some errands, so it's time to get myself together, and head on out the door.

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