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Moon Phase

May 2019
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Bruce [userpic]
Some Oldies

I just added MM-6039, MM-6172, and MM-6329 to the collection.

Some interesting stuff, some not so interesting. Mostly they fill in a few holes. Well, OK, mostly the discs were on sale...

The track count is now 14,783, and the unique song count is 10,952.

And as always, the songs page is up to date, and new update sheets will be available tomorrow.

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Mood: accomplishedaccomplished

I just looked at gridlore. "You're coming to the bar with me on Thanksgiving this year."

He gave me The Look over his glasses. "Why...?"

"Because Bruce just got 'Alice's Restaurant.'"


Objects in catalog may be smaller than they appear.

It's 3:32 long, and is basically the jingle, twice.

Not that I can really imagine a 30 minute karaoke track...

Re: Well...

Well that's no fun.

And if they can do 12:00 worth of Meat Loaf, I see no reason why they couldn't do 18:34 of Arlo.

Re: Well...

Actually, they do at most 8:50 of Meatloaf - I know of no karaoke songs over 10 minutes long.

And it's a damned hard song to abbreviate, though technically they didn't - that is Alice's Restaurant. It's just not Alice's Restaurant Massacree...

Re: Well...

that's about as disappointing as showing up at the actual restaurant and expecting to sit down in less than 45 minutes