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Bruce [userpic]

I was woken up this morning by a call from Liam (or some such spelling), who used to manage a loan group at Ameriquest. One that gave me at least one of my refis.

He was just sorta shooting the breeze, and I couldn't hear him very well, which has to do with (1) I was largely asleep, (2) he kinda mumbles, and (3) working in clubs doesn't promote good hearing.

He said he'd call back later.

We did get as far as indicating that I no longer have a house, and am living in an apartment, so it wasn't a sales call. I suspect it has to do with the divorce lien fiasco.

Guess I'll find out later.

Meanwhile, the smoke alarm started beeping at me intermittently, to all appearances because the battery was low. At least it hasn't done it any more since I replaced it.

On the other hand, something fell out when I took the cover off. I think it was just one of the mounting screws, though who knows...

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