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Bruce [userpic]
I Just Gotta Say


Current Location: The Duplex
Mood: angryangry

These people who can't afford a bank account need to go to Gauranty Bank. No minimum balance. They pay all your ATM charges. Give you five cents every time you use your ATM card and press credit. Plus they give you 25 bucks just to open a checking account and a bonus 25 bucks for every person you refer to them.

You know, while I can find indications that they "offer" overdraft protection, I can't find a schedule of overdraft fees anywhere on their site.

Just sayin'

Hmmm! Don't know what to tell you there. Never had a problem with an overdraft there. Yet! That is! *knocks on wood*

in this vein, how can one not mention People of Walmart?

Oh Wow! That is frightening!