Bruce (kor27) wrote,

Blessed Little

After a few hours of relatively useless fiddling, I dragged myself to bed last night around 2:00am.

Woke up for a bit at 10:00am, then nodded off again until 2:00pm.

It was wonderful.

Fiddled around a bit, got the latest set of songs, attached some rabbit ears to the new card in the rack and played around with ATSC stations. One of them (Coastal 1.10) was not only showing a favorite old serial of mine, but was obviously playing using Windows Media Player - the transmission included the standard WMP frame and an irritatingly centered cursor...

Headed up to the Dome around 5:30pm, and had a comparatively relaxed evening with the 'rents. Vacuumed out their gutters, and finished putting chickenwire over an opening they wanted to block (the cat kept hiding out under a workbench, and was hell to remove).

A nice shrimp curry, some discussion, and then back down the hill to home.

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