Bruce (kor27) wrote,

Slightly Ragged

I actually did nap for about an hour after my last post. It's a tribute to how well my brain works when I wake up that my first thought on crawling out of bed was "The update sheets are pretty ratty after the last couple of days. I should print some fresh ones. Shame to print fresh ones without new music. Hey - I've got an hour before I need to get there - I can download some more music! It doesn't matter that it normally takes me an hour to get ready!"

Let's just say that I got to the bar with about 5 minutes to spare before 8:30pm, and started setting up feverishly.

But hey, I had some new music. I'll post about it later, once I figure out what to do about the Zoom tracks. The index number I get with those doesn't feel... comfortable, somehow, so my habit, when I download a Zoom track, is to go over to their site, and use the disc and track information frpm a matching CDG release.

Except Zoom has apparently not yet released two of the tracks I got yesterday. So I still need to look into that.

Fortunately for me, the only person at the bar at 8:30pm was timenchanter. Even more fortunately for me (and Timmie. And Paula), people actually started showing up just as I was finishing setting up.

I got going about 9:30pm, with Mike, Hex, and Sunny in the rotation. And it kept growing from there - every single one of the 36 singers for the night technically sang in the first rotation. Sorta. What with the intercalation bit, 16 of those sang in between various of the first 20 singing their second song...

Whatever. There were a total of nearly 4 rotations for the night, and that only because there were enough people gone that I could fit most of the fourth in the last 20 minutes.

There was Miki's mother Debbie, cybrenn, snafflekid, Mikey H, moahb, Rick, Andrew S, Gia, supersniffles, Kellen, and a late-ish trivialt and synkitty.

But also a rare appearance by mr_seed. And Trankie (as Wayne), and Jorgie. The Alex group. A sizable birthday party (Sarah, Alan, Kelly, Yula, Flavia, and more - Sarah being the birthday girl). Mo and Patti, a pool-playing lesbian couple I've not seen before.

And, later, Sarah J and David brought in a group including Scott, Milton, and Jerad, to "celebrate" Scott's heading back to Canada.

So yeah, busy night. Surprisingly, the bar didn't beat target by much, but then, it was pretty dead earlier in the evening.

I apparently did fix the yellow mic, because it worked just fine all night.

I also got a bit more used to working with the keyboard of the Beast. What's been the biggest issue so far is that the left mouse button is awfully close to the escape key. As I discovered rather suddenly Wednesday night, the karaoke player uses the escape key as an "exit" shortcut. This can result in some rather disconcerting behavior in the middle of a show.

The filing job took forever, so shutdown was pretty slow, and then Timmie headed home to be frugal (he's got a lot of money to repay on his car), and Stanley and I went off to visit April.

Then home, where I fiddled around uselessly until something ridiculous like 8:00am, and then finally dragged myself to bed.

That lasted until about 2:00pm. The afternoon's a bit of a blur, though I did get some laundry done. I also got out of the house by 4:45pm, because I wanted some supplies from Xpedx, and they'd be closed at 5:00pm for the weekend - and it's a long weekend.

Got those, stopped by the bank to deposit some cash, was a little surprised by how little cash I had left, got some pens at Staples, then came home to count my wad.

I'm missing a hundred bucks and change. Somewhat disturbing, that - but there's not a lot I can do about it.

Tried to contact a couple of people that had talked about doing something tonight, and failed miserably. One's going to a funeral, and the other just didn't answer her phone.

So. I'd looked around for places that would repair/refurb Mackies, and found a mention of Music Go Round. So I headed down there to see what the place was like, and ended up in a fairly long conversation with their technical guy. He kinda recommends that I just flood the pot with contact cleaner myself, since that would be considerably cheaper.

I was right by kshandra, and desperately hungry, so I tried to contact her about doing dinner.

She, as it turns out, was asleep.

So I ate way too much food at Chevy's by myself, with the laptop for company, and then came home.

And that's pretty much it.

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