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A fun day, if extremely frustrating. I'm especially upset right now because I just got home, and both the front and back doors were unlocked.

I don't live in the type of area where you do this. I live in the type of area where a housemate's laptop got stolen from the front room while 3 people were downstairs in the family room. I just had to rekey all the locks because someone kept breaking in and appeared to have a key. However, rekeying the locks doesn't help if you live with idiots.

Le sigh. Well, in other news...

Went and picked up Stuart's mother at Oakland airport, since both Stuart&Frida had to work. A wonderful woman - it'll be fun visiting more with her. On the way back, got a call from Mena and an animal control officer. Apparently Llorona got caught outside again, and this time stormmonkey had to pay a hefty fine to get her back. Got a long lecture from the officer.

Tried to pass some of it on to Rachell. I'm beginning to think she's the thickest woman on the planet. At least the most bullheaded. She needs to be here to pay more attention to her poor dog, but apparently seems to think she can keep justnate as a boyfriend as long as she camps out on top of him. Sadly, I'm probably going to be forced to give her a 3-day notice soon. Nothing else is likely to have any effect.

Met up with timenchanter and went to The Brothel for dinner. Not particularly recommended. I know it's attached to a bar (Splash), but it is supposed to be a restaurant - not bar food in a booth.

Then we hung around for the karaoke. unbreak_able showed up, as expected. What wasn't expected was Eddie, wavewarrior and James. Or Apple and Valerie, who showed up separately. Old home KoC night at Splash. It was a lot of fun, and also in its own way frustrating.

Then took Timmy off to Mini Gourmet so he could sober up, brought him back to his car, and then home. To my open front door.

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