Bruce (kor27) wrote,

Mo' Drunks, Mo' Repairs

Right after my last post, I fell back asleep in my chair. I never made it to bed, but at least I got a little more sleep.

Got timenchanter to the Santa Clara DMV, where he got a day pass for today, since it was too late to do much more.

Got home, and surprisingly nailed the recording problem in one. There's a pot knob for the output level, and it's obviously gone a little dirty - one gets that rapidly fluctuation in level, accompanied by scratching sounds, that goes with a bad pot.

So I've got it sorta working now.

Headed up to the City a little later than I would have liked, but nothing serious. Traffic was actually pretty light, so I was there in good time anyway, except nearby parking just could not be found. So after circling around the block a few times, I had to park far enough away that it added 15 minutes to setup.

I was still ready in time, so I shouldn't grumble.

Good thing, too, because as I was setting out the last few books, Joshua walked in. After long absence, the House of Salvation was back. I can't refer to them as the J/G group anymore - Grace was missing, presumably because she's left for medical school.

But there was a nice little chunk of people to start off the evening, including Treyvion and Crystal, and they mostly sang all my recently acquired hip-hop, which makes me feel much better about getting it.

It was actually a pretty busy night, and I did much better than last week, though there continues to be the usual problem I've been having with income there.

I'm popular with the employees, which is very cool. Steve was there and sang all night, Kym was there, I actually saw some of Randy (for the first time in weeks), Tyrone/T/Pain was singing (he's not an employee, but as a promoter, he generally gets a good deal), Sam (one of the bartenders) sang some, and a number of others.

Employees drink free there. And I'm paid off of a fraction of drink sales. We had 28 singers in 6 rotations, plus a fairly nice crowd of listeners, and I still didn't exactly make a huge amount of money. The only thing that makes the place worth it financially is that, for some reason, tips almost always match the amount I make off the bar, which usually brings the nightly total noticeably above the amount it costs to get there.

Ah well. At least it's one hell of a fun crowd.

We had Matthew, Amy, and Wil, but no Evan this time. Several new people ("The Jane," Sunny, and Jasmine) that specifically said (separately) that I was one of the best KJs they'd seen, and that they'd be back.

So even with the grumbling, there's always a possibility I can start leaching off some of the Mint crowd. And Patrick's still talking about doing a happy hour thing at his Union Square club.

And at the very end of the night, Patrick brought in a few kids that I can only really describe as the Chinese smart set type. Very well dressed, and quite interested by the fact that I had stuff like Aaliyah.

So hey.

Patricia was back, and being cutely annoying again. Scot got there a little late, but hung around on the couch next to me, so we got to talk a bit.

Marcus brought a date/girlfriend/wife/whatever, Debi, who's a better singer than she thinks. Marcus also got incredibly drunk, and dropped the yellow mic.

This turned into a bit of a problem. About half an hour later one, we discovered the yellow mic would cut out at random. I'd get a perfectly good signal, but no sound would make it through - sometimes. I did the last half of the night using the red mic and the corded one.

I was packed up and on the road by 3:30am, with a slight pause to drop off Rachel and her laundry near her apartment.

And then the long and groggy drive home. Timmie had called to see if I could pick him up (he was walking home from some distance), but fortunately he'd made it home by the time I got to April's. Because I promptly fell asleep in my car.

I staggered into Denny's around 5:00am, at which point April asked if she should say "good night" or "good morning."

I left there around 7:00am, braved the start of rush hour, and unloaded the equipment at home for the third night in a row. There was some more of the "pass out in the chair" bit, but not much, and then I started looking at the yellow mic.

Same problem I'd had with the red one - a can lid had popped off. At least, I hope that's it. It's the only problem I could find, and it seems to work now, but time will tell.

I'm tempted to glue a bit of rubber on the can lids for those mics, so they can only pop off so far before the rubber hits the inside of the mic handle wall.

I also called Sennheiser, and ordered a replacement case/handle for the red mic. I'm tired of the window and end cap popping off all the time.

Then some blessed sleep. Though not a huge amount in this heat.

And that's about it. I've got two hours before I've gotta be at the bar, so I'm probably gonna nap for one of those.

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