Bruce (kor27) wrote,

Waxing Gibbous

The last two days have been a lot of fun, if slightly haywire on the technical side.

After my last post, I had way too much fun at Central Computers (they're having a sale), and so got to the bar a little late - fortunately with only the flash reader and a USB drive case in hand.

I believe I got going around 8:15pm, so I wasn't too late - and it mostly just slowed down Yvonne. The night started slow-ish (the first rotation was 7 people long), but picked up pretty rapidly.

There was the return of megnc86, who's been out doing the contest thing. It's apparently given her a new appreciation for both me and my KoC.

We had a full night of Aaron, and a group that hasn't been in since Halloween, Martha, Marissa, Andrea, and Jared. According to my notes, Jared was calling himself Trevor last time. Definitely the same guy - he got embarrassed by the fact that I remembered his gladiator costume.

It's amusing that I don't remember the girls' costumes, but then, I wasn't exactly focusing on what they were wearing, per se...

They were later joined by their friend Chris, who I gather was visiting from South Carolina.

A partial evening of synkitty (too busy for her), and a single song each from Kathy and David J (too busy for them, too, though in a different way. They hate waiting). Also singles from moahb (exhausted, from the looks of it), and lucydogstringer (no idea why he took off).

And the main reason the night was so busy: cmjfoxfyre and Shawn brought in quite a group, including Rebecca, Chris C, and the incredibly elusive gidget121972. I believe they were also responsible for Joey and his incredibly hot girlfriend Tammy. Joey's a very good singer, and apparently used to KJ at the Office.

There was also quite a bit of Jorgie, whose big kick was playing along with everyone on his harmonica. Loudly. timenchanter had to talk to him a few times.

That's largely it, apart from one late-night song from Kellen, who was feeling pretty depressed. Work drama.

27 singers, and 6 rotations. And a very nice mark on the balance sheet. Not only did we beat target, but we came damn close to making up for last Thursday.

Timmie and I had a quiet supper at a wrong Denny's (April's was closed), and then home, where I unloaded part of the equipment, and then passed the fuck out.

There was a certain amount of question over whether or not I was going to give raven2000 a ride to a vital appointment Tuesday morning. She called to tell me I was off the hook - and then dropped by the Duplex after she was supposed to have been there, hung around for a little bit, and then took off again.

That girl is in sooo much trouble.

I got some fitful sleep during the morning, and then started in on electronic surgery around noon. Not only did I have a new flash reader to install, but I also had been holding on to a video capture/TV card for over a year. Figured I might as well put that in too, since the case was cracked.

Turned out the flash reader wasn't working because the cables had fallen out. Oh well. The new one's better, anyway.

Everything went very well except, when all was put back together, my keyboard didn't work. This was odd, but not completely so. The USB dongle was screwed up by bluize last year, and I've been kinda waiting for the thing to go ever since - and I took it out of the case when I removed the case from the rack.

Not a huge loss - I already had keys dying on the keyboard (I could move left a character, but not right...). So I headed back out to Central, and looked through their keyboard offerings, which are fortunately large. They in fact have the same one in their online offerings, and for a very nice price, but I didn't see it there. There was only one that fit my criteria (included trackball and scroll wheel. Touchpads tend to scroll, or click, when you don't really want them to, and accuracy is kinda critical).

blankreloaded should be happy with my choice. After I got home, I realized I'd just bought an RF-666. Yes, I just got myself the wireless keyboard of the Beast. It's even got red accents.

Time was getting a little tight, so I packed up even though not quite everything was working. The recording feedback connection was showing nada. I suspect it's because the new capture board also has its own audio capture. Given I almost never record anything, this wasn't particularly vital.

I got to the Shamrock later than I'd like, but still with over an hour to spare. There's just a lot of cable running and taping involved in that place - in fact I wasn't ready to go until about 9:15pm.

The place was looking sorta dead, and I was kinda expecting it to be slow enough to lose the gig. As it turns out, not this week.

As the night went on, a whole bunch of people showed up, quite obviously for the karaoke. In fact, I only did 12 rotations before closing right at 1:59am, which is busy to an unheard-of level for that place.

26 individual singers as well, which is also unheard-of. And we definitely made money.

They were all locals, too. Quite a few I hadn't seen before, but quite obviously from the local community.

Some extremely good singers, a lot of so-so, and few very, very drunk ones. "Sam Stone" got angry with me for one of my backgrounds again. The man apparently has no ability to adjust to a tempo that's slightly different than the one in his head.

Dianah at one point threw in Baby Got Back for Tony and Nick, two guys that have been in a couple of times. They started grumbling about it being the wrong song until half the hot female population climbed onto the bar and started dancing.

After that, it was mostly a matter of them trying to not get too distracted to do the song.

Danny was there for most of the night, and we had a new girl, Whitney, that kept grabbing the second mic and singing along with people. Hot girl (and good singer) of the tomboy type, with incredibly long red hair. She's in the Coast Guard, so I dunno how often she can make it out.

It would also be amusing to see both her and Stephanie in the same room, fighting over the second mic...

So anyway, a lot of people, some very good energy (which kept me awake, which is a good thing), and I think they'll let me back next week.

I had some issues with the new keyboard. I mean, it works really well - I had none of the problems I normally have with the old one, which would just not register keystrokes frequently. But the shape and layout of the old one was far superior - just for example, the extra left mouse button on the side above the trackball meant moving items around goes much faster when you're singing into the microphone in your left hand.

I'll adapt.

Since April's was closed again last night, I tried to go to Carrow's, which of course picked that moment to be closed for "maintenance." So I ended up at the Mini.

And then home, where I fell asleep for a few hours in my chair. I'm still pretty tired, and was planning to crawl into bed after this. But Timmie's registration just got "released," so he needs some transport.

Don't think I'll be too awake at the Cat Club tonight.

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