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Not too long after my last post, I hooked the system up in my room - it was just a couple of hours until I needed to pack it up, but I've been having trouble getting at the flash drive.

Since I transfer stuff to and from the system using said flash drive, this is a little problematic.

I was in the middle of playing with that, when I realized I was supposed to get timenchanter off to see a movie with trivialt and supersniffles. So, cleaned up, dressed, transported the Timmie, stopped at MicroCenter to grab a cheap SD card reader (emergency backup), grabbed some In-n-Out (it was right there), and then got some windshield wiper fluid at Kragen (I was getting tired of looking through mud).

Home, where, following XP's advice, I reinstalled the drivers for the flash drive (which worked at the house, but not later at the bar), then did the windshield thing (fluid and refills for the blades), and replaced the license plate lights. I'd been pulled over by a cop on the subject of a dark license plate.

The same night that Timmie's car had been towed. It certainly looked like an excuse - he seemed very interested that I worked at KoC, and a little bit disappointed that no outstanding warrants showed up on my record.

I was actually surprised to find they were really out. I've been stopped before for "dead taillights" that were perfectly fine.

Anyway, that excuse is now gone.

What with all the fiddling, got to the bar around 7;15pm, and between that and a slightly panicky conversation with Paula ("You mean they can tow unregistered vehicles out of this parking lot?!?"), I wasn't ready to go until 8:15pm.

But then, I didn't get the show started until just about 9:00pm.

I had qzar_mystik signed up, but was kinda waiting for the elder Mark and/or Miki to put in something. Of course, they were probably waiting for me to start. Whatever.

It actually built up from there - there were only 6 rotations in the evening, and, in the end, 17 unique singers. We had Miki's mother Debbie, and Trankenstein, and supersniffles, and kizmet100.

There was the Hex & Kellen show, including Stacey, and the friends they brought in, Peter and Adi.

A brief appearance by h2ocrazyguy, who brought cake, Miki's friend David, and some late night Stanley.

Definitely pleasant company. Though foxypinkninja kept complaining that she was bored because there weren't enough people. Oh well.

Shutdown went reasonably rapidly, and then Timmie and I met up with Cindi and Stanley chez April, where I ate too damn much. But at least I ate too damn much in good company.

Then home, where I pretty much just passed out. I booted up the laptop, but fell asleep in my chair before looking at it - and then later crawled the four feet to get into bed.

So today's mostly been spent asleep. I'm just about to pull myself together and head off to Central Computers to look at flash drives, and generally nerd out.

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