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I was supposed to meet up with spondee's bachelorette party at Sky High between 6:45pm and 7:00pm yesterday. I managed to get there at 6:50pm (go me!), and proceeded to look around for anyone familiar.

And failed completely.

There's an observation platform that overlooks the facility, and since I learned most of my social behavior from cats, it seemed the natural place to hang out.

A little after 7:00pm, trivialt wandered into the place, and I got to do my "voice from above" bit. He joined me.

And a while later, Marin and her entourage showed up. Turns out a couple of the women lounging in the front were part of the party, but, well, neither Stanley nor I knew them.

Many hugs, introductions, then everyone else got ready to bounce. Personally, I'm a klutz, and I like all my appendages intact, so I mostly hung out on the observation platform, and watched extremely attractive women bounce on trampolines.

It was simply awful.

Around 8:30pm or so, we all piled into vehicles and headed down to the Creekside Inn for karaoke. I got to sit next to Kat (Kathlyn, I think? I'm hopeless), who, like most of Marin's friends, combines being gorgeous with being extremely interesting.

Like calls to like, and all that.

Going back to Creekside is always an odd experience, since I worked there for so long. Mr. Bob is still there, getting progressively older. Darrell and Nan were there, apparently after a two month absence - Darrell recently had what was likely a stroke, and is having trouble processing things.

And of all things, Kathy was there, after a two-year absence from the place - with her mom, who's looking really good, having lost a huge amount of weight. Given her latest blog post, it may be another two years, too...

And then Q showed up, the day before he moves out to Vegas.

Gene and John were there, but, well, there's always a down side. Not that John's a bad guy.

On the extremely positive side, Eddie wasn't bartending. With any luck he's gone, gone, gone.

Rose (I think her name is Rose. It's been so damn long...) was cocktail waitressing, and then Nick saw Kathy and myself, and had to come over and hug us. Given how both of us parted ways with him, this was... odd. But then, Nick's actually a pretty nice guy. Just volatile.

The present KJ is Erica, who did a fine job - and has a pretty nice setup, even if it's still disc-based. She recognized me from somewhere (no idea where), asked if I did fill-ins, and took my card.

If I end up filling in at the Creekside, Kathy may never speak to me again...

Back at the party, we were joined by spawrhawk, timenchanter, and the lovely and elusive candiddani, all of whom contributed to making it quite a party. The rotation was already reasonably long, but we definitely did our bit to extend it. And, I have to say, did our bit to improve the general singing quality, as well. There were definitely a few good singers there, but we had both Marin and Timmie, so we won.

Turns out Kat is a lovely singer, too. A very quiet one, but an extremely nice voice.

I discovered I rather like Captain Morgan and orange juice. Odd, since I'm not really too fond of the Captain.

Stanley wasn't feeling good, and was hoping I'd take him back to his truck early. Unfortunately, reference the paragraph above.

Timmie managed to find a straight boy to hit on. Well, "straight" boy, anyway. I was already giving rides to Timmie, Stanley, and Mikey, when Timmie volunteered my car to get the boy home.

There was a certain amount of grumbling on that subject, especially since what Timmie kept hearing from the boy was "yeah, I need a ride," and what the rest of us kept hearing was "no, I'm fine." Ah well.

There was a certain amount of compression in my back seat for a few miles.

I dropped Timmie and the boy off at what appeared to be a random location, then got Stanley and Mikey to Stanley's truck, headed out for something to eat, only to hear from Timmie.

The boy's uncle had driven out to pick him up. Which of course means the boy's uncle could have picked him up from the bar, instead, but we won't quibble. Not us. Our lips are sealed.

So I swooped up the Timmie, we had some Denny's, and headed home.

And that's my latest excitement. Lisa suggested I go see the last showing of "Tommy" at her theater, but that was at 2:00pm today, and I woke up at 1:00pm. Wasn't gonna happen.

But it is high time I got up for the day.

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