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I got to sleep Thursday morning around 7:00am or so. Around 10:30am, I got a frantic call from raven2000 - she needed help.

So I dragged myself into cleanliness and consciousness (in roughly that order), headed over to her location, to find that the emergency was that she needed to get to Seven Trees for a new tat.

And oh yeah, she was being kicked out of the motel.

So I got her down to her appointment, and then headed off to do a few vital errands. She was done in only a couple of hours, so I headed back down, picked her up, and then drove her to her present crash space in San Mateo. Through evening rush hour.

I know the guy she's staying with. He knows me. I just can't, for the life of me, remember where I know him from.

In any case, really nice guy, has a reasonably successful band, and terribly concerned about where she'd been. I left her there, and came home, with a couple of hours to spare before the Thursday show.

I slept, and got there late. And tired, very very tired.

The Thursday show was nice, just much less well attended than lately - 24 singers, 6 rotations, and income 40% below target.

Of course, Thursdays I get a fixed amount, and the elder Mark was stuffing my tip jar, so I made out fine. Paula, not so much.

There was Albert and ajayav, a large part of the Alex group (sans Alex, as is usual lately), qzar_mystik, cybrenn, and, in a big blast from the past, Patrick.

Haven't seen him in quite a while.

We had a new guy, David R, who seemed like a standard karaoke circuit type. Shane came back from last week. Hex went out and dragged Kellen and Stacey back with him. And, of course, more, like snafflekid, trivialt, and supersniffles.

I believe I had supper with timenchanter, but I wasn't very conscious at that point. I mostly just came home and passed out.

Friday I was up just a bit before noon. I had a buyer for my parents' loom in Stockton, and I'd agreed to get it up there.

Stanley was kind enough to help me.

We picked up a 10' U-Haul truck in Sunnyvale, and drove it up to the Dome. Stanley had initially said he'd be happy to do it himself.

Halfway through the drive, he declared he was very happy I was driving ("Tree! There's a tree!" "What do you prefer, the tree or the cliff?" "I'll take the tree!").

So Stanley's gotten to see the dome - at least part of it - and meet my parents. I'll have to take him up again later for a more leisurely visit - in a car that fits on their road.

We got the loom extracted from the back room and lashed to the truck, and then proceeded back down the hill, past fallen trees.

Really. A tree fell on my parents' road after we'd made it up to the Dome. Stanley got out and guided me around it. Good thing those trucks are fairly small.

Then back down to the rental place to pick up my car, and caravan up to Stockton. Through the Friday evening rush hour from hell. We figured we'd be there around 6:30pm. We got there closer to 8:30pm, and tried to find the location in the dark.

Which is tricky on an unlit country road in the middle of nowhere. Turns out the buyers own a farm - a very nice place, from what little we could see in the dark.

They're also extremely nice people, though it was a little odd having him wandering around with his shirt open. Mostly because he just had heart surgery, and it was hard not staring at the dotted line down the middle of his chest.

So, anyway, got the loom and accoutrements delivered, and then headed off to Stockton proper to return the truck - with the slight difficulty that Google maps couldn't place the location properly.

U-Haul was closed, of course, but we followed instructions, parked the truck in front, and dropped the key and paperwork in the lockbox out front.

Being my usual worry-wart self, I was concerned that they'd try to charge me for a bunch of things that were wrong with the truck when we got it - like the portion of the center console that's broken off - but they just charged me about $9 for the extra 40 miles we drove it.

Stanley and I piled back into my car, and drove back down to civilization.

He headed off to see Final Destination. I decided to do my usual get out of the house thing, and had a leisurely dinner at the Cheesecake Factory. I thought of inviting someone, but I actually felt like I needed to recharge.

I also apparently needed to gorge. I've been eating a lot lately, I assume because the stress levels have been just a teensy bit high. My scale has been responding accordingly.

Ah well.

Got home, fiddled around a bit, and got to bed before 2:00am.

And then woke back up around 11:00am, feeling much better.

Today has so far been largely spent catching up on this, and doing laundry. From here, I'm heading off to spondee's bachelorette party, which should be fun.

And I'm caught up.

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